Walter Moss charged as ATV driver who assaulted Officer Borque in downtown Nashville

Walton (Walter) E. Moss II, 30, has been arrested by the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force in Springfield, TN, and will be charged with Saturday’s ATV assault on Sgt. John Bourque on Broadway. 6 warrants, 3 felonies & 3 misdemeanors, have been issued against Moss.

East Nashville Dirt Bikes & ATVs: 1 arrested while dozens flee #615BikeLife Walter Moss #Arrested

Several times a week you’ll find members of #615BikeLife ‘terrorizing’ the streets of East Nashville. Despite multiple reports to police, they almost always disappear before anything can be done. On Tuesday, there was one exception, as MNPD arrested Walton ‘Walter’ Eugene Moss, II, known for his yellow ATV and very specific helmet. On Tuesday afternoon, at 5:45 PM, MNPD observed a group of black males riding dirt bikes and a yellow ATV northbound on Gallatin Pk, while also receiving multiple calls about the group, as they had been seen driving recklessly…