Madison Rackley runs out of Dollar General Market with basket of merchandise

19-year-old Madison Rackley was seen by detectives running out of Dollar General on Thompson Ln. on August 11. The detectives stopped Madison after they noticed that she was carrying a basket full of merchandise she didn’t pay for when running out. All of the merchandise was given back to the establishment, and the manager, Daniel Sutter, said that he wished to prosecute Madison. She was issued a citation for the shoplifting charge and was booked this week.

Adam Dickie charged with promoting prostitution during West End sting operation

Metro Police say 36-year-old Adam Chase Dickie drove a woman to meet an undercover detective at a West End hotel this week during a prostitution sting operation. While the woman agreed to have sex for $250, Dickie drove her to the location knowing she was going to participate in prostitution, and he accepted gas money for his time and effort. He is charged with promoting prostitution.