Father charged after grabbing teen by the neck to get her phone #uncalledfor

feat Kaldess, Emad

52-year-old Emad Kaldess was charged with domestic assault after he twisted his 14-year-old daughter’s arm and shoved her to the ground by her neck to get her phone.

Nashville Inmate cuffed & beaten, Sheriff says ‘no injuries’, hospital says 5 broken ribs | Sheriff won’t release video

Nashville Sheriff Daron Hall admits 2 cameras recorded his guards placing handcuffs on an inmate, and moments later assaulting him. The Sheriff says the man wasn’t injured – but the hospital says he sustained 5 broken ribs. The Sheriff refuses to release either video, citing a law that covers ‘security layouts of government buildings’.

James ‘Kevin’ Reynolds(43) Assaults, Chokes 14 year-old son while making derogatory remarks

Late Saturday evening, MNPD responded to a domestic assault call, and found that not only did James ‘Kevin’ Reynolds assault & strangle his 14 year old son, while making derogatory remarks about him, but he actually recorded it, and provided the video to the police. The victim, Reynold’s 14 year old son,  states that he and his father were in a verbal altercation, when his father grabbed him by the neck, causing him injury. He also reported that he was hit in the head, and that his father had also…