Not funny: Man thrashes ex-boyfriend for joking about a check they had just cashed

41-year-old Carl Ruesch was charged with domestic assault when his ex-boyfriend cashed a check for him and jokingly asked him for all of his money. Apparently, Carl didn’t like the joke because it upset him to the point that he beat his ex. Carl claimed blood found on his hand after the incident was from a bad skin condition.

Nashville Man Masturbating Inside Advance Financial – his 549th arrest!

On 03/03/2018 at around 0532 hours, police responded to 800 Jefferson St, Advance Financial, for an indecent exposure. Upon arrival, police observed Robert Dale Brown lying on the ground in a corner inside the business openly masturbating, exposing his genitals to police and others in the area. He was taken into custody and transported to booking without incident.   This is Brown’s 549th arrest. He is charged with public indecency, and a $250 bond is set.