Florida Woman Clinay Cameron goes wild on Southwest Airlines flight to Nashville

32-year-old Clinay Cameron was on an incoming Southwest Airlines flight to the Nashville International Airport Friday night. As the plane was taxiing to Gate 5, passenger Jessica Peith was using her phone normally when Cameron suddenly began to scream and tell other passengers that “she has a red screen on her phone!” and they were all in danger and not safe. Off-duty Metro Nashville Police Officer Daniel Russett happened to be sitting behind the woman on the phone. Several passengers assisted Cameron back to her seat. As Jessica began to exit the plane, Cameron blocked her way and became verbally aggressive and abusive and had to be separated by flight attendants. Once escorted from the plane, Cameron was charged with assault for placing the victim in fear and resisting arrest as she ran from multiple officers and back onto the ramp until she was eventually able to be detained with the assistance of multiple officers.

Ryan Perkins blows triple BAC limit after being slumped over wheel at Nashville airport with gun

30-year-old Ryan Perkins was found slumped over the wheel of his silver Ford truck in the arrivals level of the Nashville International Airport late Friday night. It took several minutes of knocking on the window to awaken Perkins, who then rolled down his window to speak with officers. He reeked of alcohol and had an open case of Truly Hard Seltzer in the passenger seat, with six open and empty cans, and two empty small bottles of Fireball Whiskey. A Ruger .380 handgun was also found in the truck. Perkins would later blow a 0.277% BAC on a breathalyzer.