Kerry Poe jailed after road rage incident with handgun

57-year-old Kerry Poe was jailed Thursday morning for intentionally crashing his car into another vehicle and pointing a loaded gun at the driver. Amy Duggin and Poe were involved in a car accident, but instead of sticking around, Duggin fled the scene. Poe followed Duggin all the way to the parking lot of Truist Bank on Charlotte Pike. While in the parking lot, Poe intentionally crashed his van into her vehicle. He then got out of his van, walked up to Duggin’s driver’s side, beat on the window with one hand, and pointed a gun at her with the other. A Truist Bank employee was a witness, as she was parking her car at the time of the incident and immediately called 911. When arresting officers arrived on the scene, they found Poe with a loaded 9mm in his waistband.