Terra Flye assaults boyfriend’s sister & mother during argument

25-year-old Terra Flye was seen assaulting her boyfriend’s sister, Sariya Birdine, at their Anderson Road residence on June 21st. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Birdine outside the residence, and they immediately noticed a bloody scratch across her chest as well as swelling on her forehead. Birdine told officers that Flye and her brother, Cameron Simmons, were being disrespectful to her mother, Kimberly Donelson, all day and heard both Simmons and Flye arguing with Donelson. Birdine stated that she went upstairs to see what was going on and ended up getting into an argument with Simmons before Flye pushed over Donelson and began attacking her. Birdine claims that at this point, both Simmons and Flye attacked her.

Officers then spoke with Donelson. She claimed that after Flye pushed her over during the argument, she saw both Flye and Simmons beating on Birdine. When officers talked to Flye, she told them that when Birdine was arguing with Simmons, Birdine stated, “Come get your Man” to Flye, which prompted her to get up and push Donaldson. Flye went on to say that she only grabbed Birdine’s dress. Officers then asked Flye if that was how Birdine got a scratch on her chest, to which she replied most likely. When asked about the scratch on her head, Flye said it was probably from the fight, but she did not know. Flye was deemed to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for assault.

Cameron Simmons attacks sister after argument with mother

26-year-old Cameron Simmons was involved in a domestic altercation with his sister, Kimberly Donelson, at their Anderson Road residence on June 21st. When officers arrived, they spoke with Donelson. Donelson stated that their mother and Simmons were arguing over her mother’s vehicle. The vehicle had some mechanical issues, but Simmons continued to use it frequently. Donelson informed officers that she went upstairs to confront her brother about disrespecting their mother. When she asked Simmons to calm down and stop being disrespectful, he and his girlfriend, Terra Flye, started attacking her. Donelson sustained numerous injuries but was unsure which ones came from Simmons or Flye. Officers then spoke with Simmons, who claimed that he never touched his sister and that the altercation was between her and his girlfriend. Officers then spoke with their mother, who stated that Simmons did hit his sister and that they were all fighting during the incident. Due to the statements made and several scratches on Donelson’s body, Officers deemed Simmons to be the primary aggressor and took him into custody for domestic assault.

DUI: Brooke Chamberlain swerves between lanes, pops tire on curb after drinking bottle of wine

28-year-old Brooke Chamberlain was seen driving under the influence near Murfreesboro Pike and Smith Springs Road on June 18th. Officers observed a vehicle that was unable to maintain its lane of travel and crossed the center dividing line multiple times. The vehicle was also observed swerving before officers noticed the tags had expired. Officers initiated a traffic stop, and Chamberlain, the driver, attempted to turn when she hit the curb on the right shoulder, popping her tire. When officers spoke to her, they noticed the smell of alcohol as well as Chamberlain’s slurred speech as she exited her vehicle. When asked, Chamberlain denied drinking any alcohol. Chamberlain was then asked to perform sobriety tests, which she consented to and performed poorly on. Proceeding this, she took a breathalyzer test and admitted to officers that she had drunk three-fourths of a bottle of wine before going out for the night. The bottle was located in the passenger seat of the vehicle. Chamberlain also admitted that she was coming from JBJ’s Nashville and had a couple of mixed drinks while there. Chamberlain’s breathalyzer sample came back as .130% BAC. Chamberlain was taken into custody for DUI and having an open container of alcohol on June 19th.

Antioch man covers wife with apple smoothie during 7AM argument — Zachary Glover arrested

38-year-old Zac Glover is charged with domestic assault after admitting to pushing an apple smoothie into the face of his wife during an argument Monday morning. She threw the cup back at him, but not before the smoothie mixture had covered her face, body, floor, and walls. Glover is free on a $1,000 cash bond.