Andre Burke charged with sexual battery of former lover, a TSU Student

19-year-old Andre Burke was jailed early Wednesday morning on an outstanding warrant from February after allegedly touching his friend sexually by force while she was asleep on his couch on W Heiman Street. A’Kaylee Lawson is a TSU student; she told police that she had gone to a friend’s house on February 15th, they ate, watched television, and she fell into a deep sleep. Sometime later, she was woken up by someone touching her leg at first and her private parts over the top of her clothing. She woke up and saw Andre, who she’s been friends with, touching her in a sexual way. She got up and went to a bedroom in the back to have another friend take her home immediately. A detective interviewed Ms. Lawson on February 17th, and she told the same story. She made it clear that she did not give Andre consent to touch her vagina. She also stated that they did have a sexual encounter once before, during the prior semester.