Amarian Oglesby pepper sprays ex-boyfriend who “whooped his ass”

20-year-old Amarian Oglesby was booked on an outstanding warrant from August 1st, when he assaulted his ex-boyfriend, Anton Burns, on Claiborne Street after he told him he didn’t want to be with him anymore. Burns told police that Oglesby became angry and began to grab onto his shirt and put his hands on him. Anton explained that he fought back and “whooped his ass,” which led Oglesby to spray him in the face with pepper spray. Anton’s eyes were swollen, red, and sensitive to light. There were also traces of spray inside the home, enough to cause the officers to keep coughing.

Adam Smith asks MNPD officer what authority he has — and quickly finds out

33-year-old Adam Roy Smith put his hand on a Metro Nashville Police Officer’s shoulder and asked him why he had to leave and what authority the officer had to make him do so, as he was being kicked out of The Stage on Broadway in the early hours of Sunday morning. Smith had been involved in an altercation at the bar and was asked to leave. He returned later that night and became disruptive a second time, blocking other patrons from entering the venue. As police were taking him into custody for public intoxication, Smith became more aggressive and yelled and screamed at an officer, inches from their face.