Andrew Cheesman assaults yet another woman while out on bond for a prior sadistic assault

32-year-old Andrew Cheesman was jailed on July 8th for assaulting his fiancee at their home on Mullen Circle after an argument about suspected cheating. When police arrived, they saw Christina Rodriguez on the front lawn with red marks on her neck and back. She had a bruise on the inside of her left hand and told police her fiance had tried to take her phone the night before because he thought she was cheating on him. That caused a brief altercation during which she sustained a back injury.

According to Rodriguez, there was another fight that day when Cheesman said, “You’re ruining my life,” and began strangling her. Rodriguez tried to push him off of her, and he grabbed her by the wrist and started hitting his own face with her hand, saying, “If I’m going to jail, you’re going with me.” He had a small cut above his left eyebrow and small red marks on his neck. He told police that it was Rodriguez that tried to take his phone, then got on top of him and started hitting him. There were no witnesses or camera footage of the incident, nor was there a significant difference in injuries; however, due to Cheesman’s repeated domestic violence history with multiple other women and the size comparison, he was determined to be the primary aggressor. In 2021 we covered his arrest when he was accused of the brutal sadistic assault of a woman. He was out on bond for that case when this new assault occurred.

Nashville man charged in sadistic & troubling aggravated assault of girlfriend — Andrew Cheesman arrested

30-year-old Andrew Cheesman is free on a $10,000 bond after being booked Thursday on an outstanding felony warrant charging him in the sadistic aggravated assault/strangulation of his girlfriend two weeks ago when she reportedly did not fold his laundry. Court documents allege he used his finger to poke her in the chest, telling her how selfish and disrespectful she was. As she packed a bag of clothes to leave for the evening she says he placed her in a chokehold, telling her “you can’t leave!” and pushed her on the bed where he punched her in the stomach leaving knots and bruises.

He then continued to kick her inner thighs and genital area, leaving additional bruises. The assault continued as he held her down and stretched her hands above her head while grabbing her fingers and bending them backward to create additional pain and injury, then telling her to “calm down” as he placed her on the couch. Cheesman’s 4-year-old daughter witnessed some of the assault and looked at the victim and told her to “stop crying” and to “quiet down”. Cheesman then told the victim to be quiet and he would get her pain medicine and ice for her injuries. Extensive injuries and bruising to the victim’s entire body, including arms, stomach, legs, neck, hips, inner thighs, and genital area were documented.