Andrew Smith strangles man multiple times during altercation at Airbnb

35-year-old Andrew Smith was caught after strangling Cory Kline while at a Wedgewood Avenue AirBnB on July 6th. When the officers arrived at the scene, Kline informed them that he had been assaulted by Smith, whom he identified to them. Kline told the officers that he was from Indiana and had come to the residence, which was an Airbnb, with some family and friends meeting for the first time. Kline informed the officers that he had met Smith earlier that day and that they had no previous relationship. Kline also told officers that Smith had been drinking throughout the day and had become verbally hostile toward other people at the gathering. According to Kline, he was upstairs when he heard a loud noise that he believed was coming from downstairs. Kline then proceeded to investigate but could not locate the noise. Smith then came downstairs with other party members and began cursing Kline out. Kline told the officers that Smith had called him a “b*tch” and then got into his face. Feeling threatened, Kline pushed Smith away lightly, telling him to sleep it off and go to bed.

Smith responded to this by grabbing Kline by his throat with his left hand. Kline noted that Smith applied pressure and pushed him up against the counter of the kitchen, strangling him for a few seconds. Kline then informed the officers that Smith attempted to punch him in the face but ended up hitting his hands as he tried to block the strike. Officers noticed Kline had a small cut on his index finger. Smith then put Kline in a headlock, causing his glasses to fall off. Kline then struck Smith in the face. Kline said he tried to defend himself as they both fell to the ground at the edge of the stairs. He told officers that he felt as though Smith was trying to push him down the stairs before they both fell. Kline stated that while on the ground, Smith began strangling him again before other members of the gathering pulled Smith off of him. Smith left the scene before the officers arrived. Officers also spoke with Heidi Bollero-Hensel, who witnessed the altercation and provided an unbiased account of what happened, supporting Kline’s statements. Smith was considered the primary aggressor and was arrested the next day for aggravated assault on July 7th.