Joseph Kingsland deemed too drunk for Nashville International Airport

57-year-old Joseph Wayne Kingsland was found lying on the ground near gate C8 at Nashville International Airport around 2 p.m. February 1st. Upon arrival, officers observed Kingsland sitting upright on the floor, disoriented, with a minor laceration on the bridge of his nose. Gate agents advised Officers that Kingsland had missed his 1:30 p.m. and hit his nose on a seat in the gate area when he fell after trying to stand up. Kingsland then remained lying on the floor until officers found him. Officers smelled the odor of alcohol coming from Kingsland as he became vulgar, needing assistance to stand up. They deemed him a danger to himself and others, so he was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Vipul Patel charged with public intoxication in restroom of Nashville Airport

45-year-old Vipul Patel, Tuesday morning, was in the Nashville International Airport, reportedly being loud, rambling, and annoying other passengers by trying to talk to them. Police were told that they could find him in the restroom by Southwest Airlines found him. When police contacted Vipul, he spoke to other passengers in the restroom and blocked the entrance. They said he smelled strongly of alcohol, was lethargic, rambled, and was still loud even though they were present. Southwest Airlines told police that Vipul’s flight was changed to the next day after they denied him access. Police advised Vipul of this and told him they would order him a taxi to a hotel. Vipul refused to leave the restroom, told police he was flying to Houston now, and would file a lawsuit against the airline. Police told Vipul multiple times that he could not board the plane that day and would be escorted to another means of transportation. After he still refused to leave, police placed him under arrest for public intoxication.

George Hurst: “I don’t f*/k with police, don’t talk to me;” talk, they did.

21-year-old George Hurst was at the airport bar of Puckett’s inside the Nashville International Airport Thursday when he was refused alcohol service due to his already high level of intoxication. He became irate with staff, who notified airport police, and then moved on to the next bar, where officers located him sitting at Southern Steak and Oyster. He was advised he was no longer able to drink at any of the airport bars and needed to move toward his gate so he could make his flight. He refused and told officers, “I don’t f*/k with police, don’t talk to me!” He became more aggressive in his refusal to leave the bar and was taken into custody after a brief struggle.

Nashville Pilot Joel Boyers drunk at airport with a case of White Claws in tow — FlyNash y’all

42-year-old pilot and flight instructor Joel Boyers, who is the co-owner of Helistar Aviation and, was jailed Saturday after he showed up at the airport in an extreme state of intoxication with a case of White Claws. Staff reported he was initially aggressive but had since calmed down, and they were unsure if he was on drugs or just alcohol. He yelled at customers, prompting the call to Airport Police. He became argumentative with officers while holding a can of White Claw in his hand. He agreed to arrange a ride home, but while he was waiting for transportation to arrive, he became disruptive with costumes once again and was taken into custody. We covered Boyers in 2019 when he caused a disruption in a bar when he got drunk and tipped $22,000 to servers in downtown Nashville.

Matt Slater refuses to leave airport when deemed too drunk to fly American Airlines — BNA

Nashville Airport Police responded to American Airlines C15 Gate area Sunday after 35-year-old Matthew Slater was denied boarding due to his extreme level of intoxication. Officers attempted to explain he would simply be rebooked for the following morning and escort him outside of the secure area of the airport so he could arrange for somewhere to stay for the evening. Slater became increasingly upset he would not make his scheduled flight and refused to leave the secured area of the airport. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with public intoxication. Slater later posted on social media to his friends: “After SEVERAL delays, Massive problems and a night in an airport, finally making it to Chicago”.

Southwest passenger Kevin Comeaux found “dazed and confused” at airport bar

Nashville Airport Police found 22-year-old Kevin Comeaux slumped over and asleep at the bar of the Puckett’s restaurant on Concourse D. Officer awakened him for a welfare check and found him very “dazed and confused,” and it was apparent he had urinated on himself while at the bar. He refused to provide his name, only offering that he was fine and flying with Southwest Airlines. A Southwest representative responded to the bar and advised him he would be denied boarding due to his state of intoxication. The officer attempted to escort him to the unsecured side of the airport where he could be rebooked for a later flight; however, Comeaux refused to cooperate. He was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Colleen Thomas says a “memory issue” caused her to steal from airport store while waiting for flight

Nashville Airport Police say 38-year-old Colleen Joy Thomas, of Virginia, walked into the Arts of the District store inside Concourse A of the Nashville Airport and stuffed her pockets full of electronics, and left the store. In addition to the multiple Apple Airtags, guitar picks, and an Apple device charger she pocketed, she grabbed a Helix power bank and a pair of Apple Airpods Max while the cashier was distracted. The store manager, Jason Messick, confronted her in the concourse and she returned the larger items she had stolen. She stated she has a “short-term memory issue” which often causes her to forget things and suggests that’s why she didn’t pay for the items.

When police arrived they asked if she had anything other than the larger items in her hands, which she “forgot” to pay for, and she stated she didn’t believe so, but had an issue with her memory. She consented to a search of her luggage and backpack, which revealed the other missing items, which brought her total theft to a value of $1,053.06.

Jessica Shaffer arrested after “irate” outburst at Nashville Airport

44-year-old Jessica Shaffer was charged with disorderly conduct at the Nashville International Airport after police say she became “irate” at the Southwest Airlines gate area on March 30th. She was reportedly yelling profanities at the gate agents and passengers. She was denied boarding and refused to leave the area, then began to scream at police while displaying what they considered to be “threatening behavior”. The reason for her rage was not immediately known to police.