Man strangles woman and assaults son trying to save his mom

23-year-old Jaterrious Davis was charged with assault and aggravated assault when he grabbed his ex-girlfriend’s neck and pinned her to the door because she refused to tell him who she was speaking with.

Felon strangles and punches mother of his child over unknown caller

28-year-old Gary Anthony was charged with aggravated burglary and felon in possession of a handgun after making death threats to his child’s mother and getting caught by police in her apartment with a gun.

Man strikes nurse assisting him out of wheelchair

66-year-old Larry Brown was charged with assaulting a health care provider after hitting a nurse in the head when she went to help him out of his wheelchair.

Man headbutts Waffle House co-worker, punches roommate in eye #CappedAndCovered

30-year-old Dylan Bowers was charged with domestic assault after punching his roommate in the eye and was discovered to have an active warrant for headbutting his coworker.

Man punches ex-girlfriend in the eye, she breaks nail in self-defense

27-year-old Victor Essien was charged with domestic assault after his ex-girlfriend claimed he punched her in the eye while in their apartment.

Woman leaves ‘noticeable bump’ on lover’s head with frying pan

25-year-old Kaitlyn Love was charged with aggravated assault after her boyfriend claimed she hit him in the head with a frying pan multiple times during a dispute about her drinking.

Man threatens to stab woman and cut her head off in a Wendy’s parking lot

47-year-old Toriando Mason was charged with assault when he threatened a woman and her daughter in a Wendy’s parking lot stating “I’m going to cut your head off” while police officers were present.

Fugitive and “chronic shoplifter” steals from the same Gucci store on three separate occasions

27-year-old Lamonteisha Johnson was charged with three counts of theft after she was caught on video stealing over $2,700 worth of merchandise from the same Gucci store three times within a five-month period.

Group home resident charged with assault of LPN

25-year-old Troy Kington was charged with assault with bodily injury after picking up a toolbox and pushing it off a table, striking an LPN in the leg.

Teen smashes plate of food over lover’s head #Plated

19-year-old Megan Lewis was charged with domestic assault after she took a plate of food and smashed it on top of her significant other’s head.