Drunken Publicist Zachary Farnum climbs atop rideshare car & attempts to steal it in rampage

28-year-old Nashville publicist and artist manager Zachary Farnum of the 117 Entertainment Group will need a publicist of his own to recover from the bad publicity he keeps giving himself. Police say Farnum was under the influence of at least one substance when he became aggressive and threatening with a rideshare driver this weekend. Farnum ended up climbing on top of the car before trying to steal it when the rideshare driver parked and called 911.

Farnum made headlines in October when it’s believed he prematurely tipped TMZ about the death of one of his clients, Jerry Lee Lewis, an entire day before he died. Scoop: Nashville also covered Farnum’s 2017 DUI after he attempted to leave a parking garage without paying and plowed through a barrier at the Music City Center. [details inside…]