Pre-Trial Release in Nashville, Part I: How To Get Out Of Jail

Nashville has recently introduced reform to the pre-trial release program, as an overall start to cash bail reform in the city. Find out how the process works, who now qualifies for pre-trial release, and more in our first installment on Nashville’s effort for cash bail reform.

Davidson County Pre-Trial Release Program Reform Starts NOW! #BailReform

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Davidson County Pre-Trial Release (PTR) program, administered by the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO), began implementing new procedures this week after nearly two years of evaluation. Stakeholders, including General Sessions Court judges, the Davidson County District Attorney General’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, Metropolitan-Nashville Police Department, Criminal Court Clerk’s Office, and the DCSO, all participated in the study process. Ultimately, the reform broadens guidelines for PTR qualification, allowing more individuals to take part in the program. A grant, totaling $350,000 over three years and awarded by the…