Danielle Yelloweyes: “I might as well beat her ass for lying” …and she did

26-year-old Danielle Yelloweyes was jailed for assaulting her roommate after police informed her that her girlfriend, Janasia Williams, would be going to jail for a domestic incident that happened moments before. Police had responded to a domestic disturbance between Yelloweyes and her girlfriend, Janasia Williams, initially, but when police advised Yelloweyes that her girlfriend would be going to jail, she became irate and punched her roommate, Niya Frierson. She believed that her girlfriend was going to jail because Niya told officers about the initial domestic disturbance call. As a result, she attacked her in Infront of officers and said, “If I’m going to jail, I’m going for a reason. I might as well beat her ass for lying.”

Rohan Richards tries to cut off wife’s ear when he’s accused of cheating

37-year-old Rohan Richards was jailed on Mar 19th after allegedly attempting to cut his wife’s ear off. Faith Lavender told police that an argument had started because she believed her husband was cheating on her. The argument escalated, and Ms. Lavender asked Mr. Richards to leave several times. Instead of leaving, Mr. Richards picked up a knife and attempted to cut off his wife’s ear. He then hit her head on a wall and strangled her. The only visible injuries were scratch marks on her forearm. Mr. Richards was asked what happened and initially refused to provide a statement. After being told the consequences, he admitted an argument occurred, but nothing physical took place. He stated, “whatever she said I did, I did.” He was taken into custody and transported to booking.

DUI: Cainan Gatewood found asleep behind the wheel of his Jeep at an intersection

38-year-old Cainan “Kang Libra” Gatewood was charged with DUI early Monday morning after officers found him passed out at an intersection in his Jeep on Perimeter Hill Drive. Officers knocked on the window to wake him and asked him to step out of the vehicle. When Gatewood wood stepped out, he immediately braced himself and leaned up against the driver’s side door. He had watery/glassy eyes and alcohol on his breath. There was an open alcoholic beverage sitting in the cup holder within arm’s reach. He agreed to do sobriety testing, but officers had him stop before completion due to his level of intoxication; it was unsafe. A search within the vehicle revealed a baggie of meth.

DUI: Junior Louis asleep behind the wheel after drinking wine during dinner date

34-year-old Junior Louis says he had two glasses of wine at dinner with a date Saturday night before police found him asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle at an intersection. When woken up, he stated he didn’t need any assistance, that he was simply tired and fell asleep. When he exited his vehicle, officers reported he reeked of alcohol and he performed poorly on field sobriety tests. Inside the driver’s door area was a loaded M&P Shield handgun. As he was being transported to booking, Louis asked to go to the hospital due to a possible medical condition causing him to “fall asleep” at the wheel. Metro General cleared him for jail, and he was charged with DUI.

Eric Estrada charged with sexual battery of teenage girl while his girlfriend slept in their bed

A 17-year-old girl says 21-year-old Eric Estrada was drinking Friday night and crawled onto the couch where she was sleeping and began to touch and kiss her while pointing a gun at her head and stomach. She says she was eventually able to push him away and run to the bathroom, where she screamed for help and then ran to the bedroom where Estrada’s girlfriend, Yenis Betancourth, and infant daughter were sleeping. A gunshot was then heard and reported by multiple people in the area. Officers took Estrada into custody and recovered a loaded Glock 19.

Kira Mercedes Joyner charged after shoplifting, assaulting mall security officer at OpryMills

29-year-old Kira Mercedes McKenzie Joyner was booked this week on outstanding citations from 2020, which she never self-booked on. Police say on December 3rd, 2020, Kira McKenzie Joyner was inside the Hot Topic store at Opry Mills Mall when Mall Security Officer Bailey McCluskey made contact with her as she was reportedly caught shoplifting. As she was being detained and escorted to the mall’s security office, she kicked him on his left leg and began to yell and scream, causing a disturbance to other shoppers in the mall. She was issued state citations for theft and assault and never appeared for them.