DUI: Woman drives through stranger’s yard, hits swingset; found asleep, open bottle of Coors beside her — Lauren Broussard

Police say 42-year-old Lauren Broussard drove through the front yard of a home, traveling to the back of the property, hitting a swing set along the way. Police found her in the treeline, sleeping, with an open bottle of Coors in the center console. She is free on pre-trial release.

DUI: Man found asleep behind wheel at intersection, admits to drinking — Jared Beard

24-year-old Jared Beard was found asleep behind the wheel of his car at an intersection just south of downtown Nashville and admitted to drinking prior to driving. Police say he agreed to a breathalyzer, a demonstrated he could blow hard enough, however, when his lips met the actual machine, he wouldn’t blow hard enough for it to register. He also urinated on himself multiple times while speaking to police, and in the back of a patrol car.

Rickey Smiley’s Daughter, D’Essence Smiley (20), Found unconscious behind wheel in traffic: DUI Arrest

Saturday morning at 3:17 AM, D’Essence Smiley was found passed out behind the wheel of her vehicle, at the intersection of 21st Ave S & Broadway Ave in Nashville, TN. The vehicle was blocking a lane of travel, and when MNPD officers approached the vehicle, they found D’Essence Smiley slouched forward and unconscious in the driver’s seat, according to a police report. MNPD Officers knocked on the windows and gave verbal commands, in an attempted to wake the unconscious Smiley behind the wheel. After multiple attempts, D’Essence Smiley eventually woke…