Server Aja Joblin-Lovelady jailed after cash register theft scheme at Big Machine Distillery

42-year-old Aja Joblin-Lovelady is charged with felony theft after her management at Big Machine Distillery caught onto her schedule to fraud the establishment out of $2,500 over the course of several months. As a server, she would reportedly ring up food for a table but later remove items from the check in the system after the guests received their checks, putting the leftover money in her pocket from their full payment. Management caught the activity on camera and contacted police, who issued a warrant for her arrest.

Christina Rebata jailed after refusing to leave Big Machine Distillery in downtown Nashville

29-year-old Christina Charlotte Rebata was asked to leave the Big Machine Distillery on 3rd Ave South in downtown Nashville multiple times Sunday and refused to do so. Staff contacted Metro Nashville Police, who arrived to find her still refusing to leave the bar. She was transported to booking and charged with criminal trespass.