Man assaults East Nashville neighbor with shovel and dirt — Jackie Cook, 68, arrested.

68-year-old Jackie Cook was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on two outstanding warrants for events that occurred in March. Cook was in a dispute with his neighbor, William “Bill” Crump. Their properties share rear alley access between the two. Crump was reportedly upset that Cook was shoveling dirt onto the alleyway, which Crump alleges is part of his property, and property maps appear to confirm. Cook realized their interaction was being recorded and became upset, using his shovel to knock a cell phone out of Crump’s hand. Cook then drew his shovel back as if he were about to strike Crump, and advanced toward him. Video shows this and an additional attempt to strike Crump with the shovel.

Two weeks later, Cook was again shoveling dirt onto the alleyway, and as Crump attempted to remove the dirt, Cook shoveled two scoops of dirt onto Crump, which was also captured on video. Cook is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for the first incident, and simple assault for the second. He is free on a $6,000 bond.