Nathaniel Caine asks mother to come to traffic stop where he has 19.6 grams of marijuana

24-year-old Nathaniel Bakari Caine was seen driving a gray BMW X5 without a seatbelt and using his phone on Dickerson Pike late June 26th. After observing this, officers conducted a traffic stop and instructed Caine to pull into the Dollar General parking lot nearby. When they approached the driver’s side, they requested Caine’s identification, but he told them he did not have his license. Caine added that he was headed to his girlfriend’s house and did not think he needed it. During their interaction, officers noticed a strong marijuana odor and asked if there was any in his vehicle. At first, Caine refused to answer, but shortly after, he said yes without clarifying exactly where it was. While officers detained Caine, he became resistive, so they placed him in the back of their patrol car. While searching Caine’s vehicle, they located a plastic baggie with 19.6 grams of marijuana. After they seized it, they returned to the patrol car and overheard Caine talking to who he identified as his mother, telling her to hurry up and come to the traffic stop. Officers removed his belongings and tried to place him back into the patrol car, but he started resisting again. Caine was then taken into custody for simple possession and resisting arrest.

Azim Haji charged after going 100 mph in a 55 mph zone on I-24E

24-year-old Azim Haji sped between two vehicles in his BMW 335I on I24 East on September 1st. A stationary speed enforcement officer observed Azim doing 100 mph in a 55 mph zone. He was cited for reckless driving because he put himself, his passenger, and other motorists at risk of severe injury or death. He was booked for the charge on September 19th.

Car enthusiast Jasper Hatcher charged with reckless driving on Metroplex Drive in Antioch

Police say 20-year-old car enthusiast Jasper Hatcher was speeding in his blue 2009 BMW 335i as he gapped another car in a no-passing zone on Metroplex Drive on March 4. Officers initiated a traffic stop and issued him a citation for reckless driving.