BUI: Anthony Barr drives boat without navigational lights on Percy Priest Lake

58-year-old Anthony Barr was seen driving his boat without navigational lights past sunset on June 15th at Percy Priest Lake. When officers stopped his boat and made contact with Barr, they observed a strong smell of alcohol coming from him. Barr admitted to drinking, so officers requested him to go to their boat and perform sobriety tests. After performing poorly, Anthony Barr was taken into custody, where he admitted that he also smoked marijuana. He was then transferred to booking and charged with boating under the influence, boating violation, and implied consent.

BUI: Jordan Klatt drives his boat without navigational lights on Percy Priest Lake

32-year-old Jordan Klatt was seen driving his boat without navigational lights past sunset on June 15 at Percy Priest Lake. Officers stopped the vessel to explain why Klatt needed his lights on. After being asked multiple times, Klatt attempted to give officers the vessel safety equipment they requested. As Klatt walked around his boat, officers observed signs of intoxication and noticed he reeked of alcohol. At that time, Klatt was asked to board law enforcement’s ship to perform sobriety tests. After agreeing, Jordan Klatt performed poorly on all given tests, so he was taken into custody and charged with boating under the influence on June 16th.

Nicholas Bahe charged with BUI after sunset on Percy Priest Lake

40-year-old Nicholas Bahe was reportedly operating a vessel on Percy Priest Lake on May 31st after sunset without the proper anchor light and with obscured navigational lights. According to TWRA Officer Clay Hetland, he observed this and activated his emergency equipment, stopping the vessel. He interviewed Bahe about the violations and observed the smell of alcohol coming from Bahe, who admitted to drinking while on the lake. Bahe performed poorly on field sobriety testing while aboard the TWRA vessel and was transported to booking after a stop at Summit Medical Center for a blood draw. Bahe was taken into custody for boating under the influence and a boating violation on June 1st.

James Andrew Green booked (yet again) for a 2016 boating violation – now on a $10,000 bond

32-year-old James Andrew Green was jailed in the early hours of Sunday morning on a citation originally issued in 2016. In June 2016, he was cited for a boating violation on Percy Priest Lake. Since then, he has failed to comply with the terms of his bond, failed to return to court, and failed to pay his fees and fines. According to the Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk, Green has failed to appear for court dates related to this citation at least four times and had his bond forfeited. The most recent warrant was issued in 2021, which he was booked on this weekend. He is again free on a bond – this time for $10,000.

81-year-old Daniel Neyrete charged with BUI on Percy Priest Lake

81-year-old Daniel Neyrete was on a boat with a child under the age of twelve and told police that he had been drinking. MNPD officers were patrolling J. Percy Priest Reservoir around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday when they saw Daniel’s boat with no anchor light displayed. The officer stopped the vessel and saw a child without a safety vest on. When they spoke to Daniel, they said he smelled strongly of alcohol, and he admitted to drinking. Daniel performed sobriety tests on the officer’s vessel and showed several indicators of intoxication. He refused to give a blood sample and was arrested for boating under the influence.

Deandra Cannon jailed after boating under the influence on Percy Priest Lake

24-year-old Deandra Cannon was jailed late Saturday night in the Seven Points area of Percy Priest Lake after she was observed operating a red and white vessel without the proper navigation lights required after sunset. Once TWRA Agents Ethan Davis and Collin Jones stopped the vessel, they noticed Cannon was visibly intoxicated as she attempted to retrieve the required safety equipment. She reportedly reeked of alcohol, and officers observed multiple empty alcoholic containers aboard the vessel. She admitted to drinking and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. She was transported to booking and charged with BUI.

David Alberto charged with BUI on a jet ski on Percy Priest Lake

26-year-old David Alberto was jailed after police caught him operating a jet ski on Percy Priest Lake after dark. When he noticed police were approaching, he quickly opened a storage compartment on the jet ski and threw an item inside. Alberto wasn’t wearing a life jacket and had bloodshot watery eyes. He smelled of alcohol and slurred his words as he spoke with the police. They had him put on a life jacket and asked him to step aboard the patrol boat. He performed poorly on all field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for BUI. The item that was thrown in the storage compartment turned out to be a vape pen that Alberto said did not belong to him. However, after giving blood, he informed police that there would be drugs and alcohol in his blood from the marijuana in the vape pen.

BUI: Man says he last smoked weed back when the ‘sun was still up’… it was currently 6PM & sunny

At 6 p.m. Saturday on Percy Priest Lake, TWRA Officer Joshua Landrum asked 24-year-old Jet Skier Orrie Reed Whitton when he last smoked marijuana. Landrum replied: “when the sun was still up”. The agent reminded him the sun had been up for the last 12 hours, and wouldn’t set for another 2. Landrum was jailed on 5 charges this weekend, and he reportedly told the officer he “doesn’t care what happens to him”.