Racist John Zarling says Nashville Police have no power over him at Jason Aldean’s Bar

John Zarling told Metro Nashville Police Officers “You have no power over me!” as he pulled away from the handcuffs they were attempting to place on his wrists at Jason Aldean’s Bar early Sunday morning. Officers responded to the scene after bouncers at the downtown Nashville bar asked Zerling to leave when he was involved in a fight on the second floor of the venue. Zarling continued to claim he had done nothing wrong and they had no reason to ask him to leave and refused to accept the fact that he could be asked to leave for any reason, as explained to him by Nashville police. Zarling’s social media is full of racist content (screenshots included).

He was given the chance to go outside and wait for his friends, but stated he wasn’t leaving the bar, so the bar staff asked for him to be trespassed and removed from the property. As officers were escorting him from the venue, Zarling grabbed onto things in an attempt to prevent his removal, and it eventually took several officers to physically remove him from the property.