Timesha Douglas charged with disorderly conduct outside 3000 Bar after fight

29-year-old Timesha Douglas was booked Monday on an outstanding citation charging her with disorderly conduct. Police say she was at 3000 Bar Nashville on Demonbreun on December 20th when Kaya Crawford assaulted her. After the feuding parties were separated, Douglas charged at Crawford and refused commands to stop, causing a disturbance outside the club on the sidewalk.

Failed political candidate Matthew Del Rossi jailed on probation violation warrant

41-year-old former troubled Metro Council & Vice-Mayoral candidate Matthew Del Rossi was jailed Friday after failing a drug test for his probation and telling his probation officer to “write a warrant” as he stated he would refuse to comply with “any and all sanctions,” resulting from a positive drug screen (yes, he really speaks that way)…

Cianna Wright charged in assault of juvenile sister; smashes her iPad

18-year-old Cianna Wright is charged with the domestic assault of her juvenile sister after their mother told police that Cianna was undoubtedly the primary aggressor in the family fight. The mother walked in to witness Cianna slam the victim’s iPad on the counter, causing it to shatter. As the mother attempted to calm them both, Cianna began to grab her sister’s hair and punch her. Cianna fled the home before officers arrived and was booked on the outstanding warrant this week.

DUI: Kaedee Miller Hembree says she took Seroquel and Percocet prior to nodding out on interstate

Police say 28-year-old Kaedee Miller Hembree struck one vehicle on Interstate 40 on Wednesday before coming to a stop in a lane of traffic just before 7 p.m. Responding TDOT crews report she was awake and alert and then suddenly lost consciousness while they were present. Nashville Fire responded and administered Narcan and eventually revived Miller, who admitted to taking her prescribed Seroquel along with an unprescribed Percocet shortly before driving. She was charged with DUI 2nd (she was convicted of a DUI in March in Murfreesboro) and driving on a revoked license.

Christopher Carothers admits to using heroin prior to crashing into another vehicle

Police say 47-year-old Christopher Carothers was one block away from his home when he drove his white Lexus into the other lane of travel and collided with another vehicle, injuring two people. Officer founds Carothers sitting on a sidewalk, shaking with pinpoint pupils when they arrived. His sentences were incoherent and he continuously nodded off after admitting he had shot up with heroin shortly before the crash. Police located 30 Oxycodone pills and a dollar bill containing heroin inside the vehicle. After a warrant was granted for his blood, he was transported to Metro General before being booked into jail.

Man assaults girlfriend with pizza to the face— Charles Stafford arrested

21-year-old Charles Stafford is charged with the domestic assault with bodily injury of his girlfriend, Quinn Robbins. Police say the couple got into an argument Saturday, and Charles threw a glass of water on the victim, and a slice of pizza at her face, leaving a visible injury which police documented.

Stafford remains jailed on a $1,000 bond.

Teen climbs through ex-girlfriend’s window at 5 a.m. & demands she come with him at gunpoint — Bryant Enemecio Cruz-Corrales

Metro Police say 19-year-old Bryant Enemecio Cruz-Corrales often climbs through the bedroom window of his juvenile ex-girlfriend to visit her during late night and early morning hours. On November 12th at 5 a.m. court records show he once again visited her while she was sleeping, and bit her on her cheek to wake her up. He asked her to come with him to Virginia to visit his family, and when she told him no he brandished a black handgun and pointed it at her face, saying he would shoot her if she didn’t come with him. She repeatedly told him ‘no’, and he eventually left her home after multiple refusals. He remains jailed in like of a $75,000 bond, charged with aggravated burglary, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Brentwood man charged with DUI after vehicle collision on Nolensville Pike

25-year-old Michael Oak was charged with implied consent and driving under the influence when he was involved in a vehicle collision on Nolensville Pike. He could not tell officers what road he was on but denied drinking and refused a breathalyzer.

Woman charged with obstructing sidewalk; threatened to continue falling from wheelchair

77-year-old Linda Rapp was charged with obstructing a passageway after telling police she was purposely falling from her wheelchair to gain the attention of passersby and would continue to do so even if they tried to relocate her.