Bryce Tackett refuses to leave CMA Fest after causing disturbance

24-year-old Bryce Tackett caused a disturbance at the CMA Fest inside Nissan Stadium late June 6th. Patrons complained about Tackett being unruly in their section. APEX security went to speak with him, during which he had become belligerent and continued being disorderly, so they decided to eject him, but he refused to leave. Officers tried to reason with Tackett, but he remained uncooperative. During their interaction, officers noticed he reeked of alcohol and was visibly impaired, so they detained him. Tackett was taken into custody for public intoxication.

18-Year-Old Landon Duffey caught drinking Coors Light at Morgan Wallen Concert

18-year-old Landon Duffey was observed drinking a Coors Light beer at the Morgan Wallen Concert on May 3rd. After Nissan Stadium staff noticed this, they alerted the authorities. When Duffey spoke with officers, he admitted to drinking prior to the concert. Duffey provided officers with his ID, which was when officers discovered he was underage. Duffey was cited for the occurrence that day. Duffey was released to his aunt and father. Duffey was booked on the citation of alcohol possession by a minor on June 3rd.

Robert Short violates order of protection by attending recital at Oak Hill School

34-year-old Robert Short was served an order of protection on May 7th. On May 9th, Sarah Short, the protected party, was at Oak Hill School in the auditorium for her child’s recital. Mr. Short walked past her and sat two rows behind her. Once she noticed this, she left and alerted security, who escorted Mr. Short off the property. Officers arrived after he had left and were provided pictures of him by Sarah’s Mother. Jeff Thomas, the security guard, confirmed that Mr. Short was present and had to be escorted off the premises. Officers observed the tablet the school uses for parents to sign in, which showed their names next to each other, indicating they were both at the location. Short was taken into custody for an order of protection violation on May 16th.

Grant Obersteadt charged with DUI after crash on Hillsboro Pike

43-year-old Grant Thomas Obersteadt rear-ended another vehicle on Hillsboro Pike early Wednesday morning while driving his Toyota Tacoma just a short distance from his home and ran off the roadway. Police spoke with Obersteadt and report the smell of alcohol coming from his breath, along with slurred speech and being lethargic. He denied drinking and stated he had only taken his prescribed Vyvanse one hour before driving. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody. 

Soldier Connor Liebergen booted from Play Dance Bar, fights to get back inside

22-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Connor James Liebergen was kicked out of Play Dance Bar on Church Street in Nashville in the early hours of Sunday morning. Security advised that after they escorted him outside of Nashville’s largest gay dance bar, Liebergen attempted to run back inside and began swinging at members of the security staff. He was detained in cuffs until Metro Nashville Police arrived and transported him to booking.

Father calls police to report son assaulted him two days after it happened — Anthony Holt, arrested

Charles Holt called Metro Nashville Police to his home to report that two days prior to the call, his 25-year-old son, Anthony Holt, had assaulted him. He says the two were in a verbal argument, and when the father attempted to leave the residence to de-escalate the situation, Anthony grabbed his right arm and “threw him to the side.” Officers observed a visible injury to the victim’s right arm. During an interview, Anthony told officers he did grab his father during the altercation.

Brentwood man charged in assault of his son — Stephane Francois arrested

Police took 61-year-old Stephane Francois, of Brentwood, into custody Monday after a verbal argument with his son, Charles Francois, escalated into a physical altercation. The victim and his father both gave the same account of events, recalling that Stephane threw his son down onto the ground. Stephane told officers he was responsible for the assault, and police documented injuries on the right side of the victim’s face.

Janelle Stock charged with assaulting husband then sitting on floor, resisting arrest #Adulting

Benjamin Stock says he came to pick up his daughter from the Call Hill Road home of his wife, 39-year-old Janelle Stock. While there he says she began to repeatedly assault him in the face with her hands, leaving him with visible swelling and bruising to his face. Police documented his injuries and spoke to Janelle, who told them there was no physical altercation. Officers observed very visible redness to her hands, consistent with being used to assault her husband. When police handcuffed her inside the residence, she sat on the floor and refused to move, resulting in officers physically carrying the grown woman out of her home and placing her into the patrol car.

Police say daughter attempted to run over her mother using her vehicle with child inside — De Yana Johnson

21-year-old De Yana Johnson is free on a $15,000 bond after police say she intentionally drove her vehicle into her mother’s vehicle while attempting to hit her mother, and her juvenile child was inside the car, unrestrained. The domestic disturbance reportedly started over her moving out of the residence and escalated when De Yana grabbed a crowbar from her vehicle and threatened her mother, Pasonica Tillman, with it before getting into her vehicle and attempting to run over her mother. Johnson faces felony vandalism, child endangerment, and aggravated assault with deadly weapon charges.

“Pack your shit and get out,” man tells girlfriend after being asked to turn TV down

23-year-old Kendall Johnson was charged with domestic assault after he squeezed his girlfriend’s head, strangled her on the bed, and pulled her back into the house when she tried to escape so that he could punch her a few more times.