Jedidiah English grabs wife by throat, punches her in face after she confronts him for cheating

35-year-old Jedidiah English had a domestic altercation with his wife and mother of his children, Crystal English, at their Omni Hotel room on June 16th. Following the incident, Mrs. English called the authorities to the Haywood Lane Circle K. She advised officers that she went with Mr. English and his family to Nashville for his birthday. She stated they went out drinking, and once they returned to their hotel room, a heated argument ensued over him cheating on her. Mr. English became angry, grabbed her by the throat, and threw her down onto the floor. He then punched her in the face before squeezing her neck until she could get up and leave. After leaving, Mrs. English called her parents, who came and picked her up. Mrs. English sustained bruising and swelling to her left eye and scratches on her neck from the occurrence. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and then Mr. English was later taken into custody for aggravated assault on June 18th.

Musician Houston Wilson destroys apartment, says he was angry that roommate didn’t care about him

26-year-old Musician Houston Wilson was caught vandalizing his roommate Aima Lee’s bedroom at The Villages at Stonewood apartments on May 28th. When officers arrived, they made contact with Wilson and Lee, who were still at the residence. Lee told officers that Wilson had been drinking all day excessively, so she and him got into an argument. During the argument, Lee left to bring a friend back to the apartment. The entire apartment, including her bedroom, was destroyed when she returned. Her bed was overturned, shelves knocked down, and all her belongings were on the ground. Officers later spoke with Wilson, who was in the process of leaving the apartment. He stated that he was mad because Lee didn’t care about him, so he started taking his anger out on the furniture in the apartment. Houston Wilson was taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

Mariana Rodriguez slaps boyfriend, throws his laptop after his music wakes her up

26-year-old Mariana Alfonso Rodriguez had a domestic incident with her boyfriend, Christopher Warren Haynes, at their Wallace Road apartment late May 7th. When officers arrived, they were advised that Haynes was in the kitchen on the laptop making music when Rodriguez was trying to sleep in the bedroom. Rodriguez was unable to due to the noise, causing her to get up and confront Haynes, during which she pulled off his headphones and told him to turn it down. Haynes then put his headphones back on and continued to work on the music. In response, Rodriguez closed Hayne’s laptop and pulled his headphones off again, sparking an argument. When Haynes told Rodriguez the music was already turned down, she slapped him, leaving redness on his right cheek near his ear. Rodriguez then grabbed Hayne’s laptop and threw it across the room. Rodriguez then approached Hayne, causing him to push her away. Rodriguez was deemed the primary aggressor and then was taken into custody for domestic assault on May 8th.

19-year-old Connor Smith elbows mother in face leaving McDonald’s

19-year-old Connor Smith had a domestic dispute with his brother, Keith Smith, and mother, Karen Burrum, while on the way home from McDonald’s on Nolensville Pike the night of December 17th. Officers arrived at their shared residence on Roxanne Drive, spoke with them, and were advised that Keith was driving Connor and Karen home when Connor asked to go to McDonald’s. An argument ensued between Keith and Conor as they left McDonald’s, and it escalated when Connor unbuckled his seatbelt, reached over the center compartment, and swung, hitting Keith while he was still driving. Keith pulled over to the side of the road, and Karen got out of the vehicle to break up the physical altercation by opening Connor’s door. Amid the action, Connor hit her in the face with his elbow, resulting in significant swelling and bruising. She eventually broke up the fight, and Connor exited the vehicle. All parties refused medical attention, and Connor was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault.

Leonard Johnson charged with DUI in motel parking lot

Officer Brookshaw responded to Wallace Rd. regarding an intoxicated person on October 5th. Upon arrival, Officer Brookshaw observed that MNPD Lieutenant Vaughn had 57-year-old Leonard Johnson detained for an investigation of driving under the influence of alcohol. Through investigation, it was discovered that Johnson had been operating a vehicle in a motel parking lot and showed visible signs of intoxication. Johnson claimed due to arthritis, he was not able to do certain tasks from the sobriety test before performing poorly on the majority of them, resulting in being taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence.

Saida Tiul charged in assault of her boyfriend, Justo Rufino Pop Pop

18-year-old Saida Tiul and her boyfriend, Justo Rufino Pop Pop, spoke to police regarding a domestic disturbance at their residence on McLendon Dr on September 8th. Justo told police that he was drunk around 2:30 that morning and attempted to enter his room when Saida became angry at him for drinking. He reported that to make her happy, he offered her a hug. Saida then refused to hug, hit him in the face several times, and scratched him. Justo said that he told Saida to stop, but she continued hitting him. When Saida stopped, she left the room to sit on the couch. He said that a witness, Marc Xcna, met up with him, and he had no further contact with Saida until the police arrived.

Marco told the police he overheard the incident from within his room and heard Justo ask Saida to stop hitting him. He said that he heard Justo tell Saida to get off of him, and then he left the room, so Marco went to check on Justo and saw that he was bleeding heavily from his face. Marco then brought Justo into his room to await the police. Saida said she was trying to sleep when Justo entered the room, drunk, and tried lying down with her. She said that Justo then grabbed her by the hair and began punching her in the face. When her nose began to bleed from the punches, she said that she began to fight back.

Police observed only a scratch on Saida’s bottom lip, which she did not comment on, but reported several scratches throughout Justo’s body as well as swelling to his eye and nose. They also found blood on the bedroom floor that Saida said was Justo’s, and Justo sought medical attention on the scene. Saida was deemed the primary aggressor due to Justo’s severe injuries and Marco’s account of the situation. Justo stated that he did not wish to prosecute, but police prosecuted on his behalf due to the injuries and domestic relationship.

Bailey Belcher drunkenly confronts girlfriend with handgun in waistband

27-year-old Bailey Christopher Belcher was jailed early Saturday morning after a confrontation with his former girlfriend and roommate, Kristen Leigh Peled. Police arrived at their Baby Ruth Lane residence just after 1 a.m., and Peled reported that she was in her bedroom when Belcher attempted to make entry by banging on the door while mumbling some words. She stated he had a handgun in his waistband, which placed her in imminent fear due to his level of intoxication. She ran to the bathroom and locked the door. The officer made contact with Belcher, who still had the handgun in his right pocket, and noted he still reeked of alcohol. He was taken into custody on multiple charges. 

Rohan Richards tries to cut off wife’s ear when he’s accused of cheating

37-year-old Rohan Richards was jailed on Mar 19th after allegedly attempting to cut his wife’s ear off. Faith Lavender told police that an argument had started because she believed her husband was cheating on her. The argument escalated, and Ms. Lavender asked Mr. Richards to leave several times. Instead of leaving, Mr. Richards picked up a knife and attempted to cut off his wife’s ear. He then hit her head on a wall and strangled her. The only visible injuries were scratch marks on her forearm. Mr. Richards was asked what happened and initially refused to provide a statement. After being told the consequences, he admitted an argument occurred, but nothing physical took place. He stated, “whatever she said I did, I did.” He was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Anya Lee charged with smashing her girlfriend’s windshield & assaulting her

22-year-old Anya Lee was jailed early Saturday after she reportedly assaulted her girlfriend, Haven Blakemore, and smashed her windshield during an altercation. Haven was upset as Anya wanted her to stay at her home in Murfreesboro for the night, but Haven refused. The two got into a physical altercation, during which Anya was reportedly on top of Haven, grabbing her by the neck. Haven got into her vehicle to leave the scene, but not before Anya rushed her vehicle and smashed the windshield. Officers documented injuries on the victim and took Anya into custody.