Tourist Christian Veneracion given $20 bond, then pre-trial release, for downtown disorderly conduct

23-year-old Christian Veneracion was jailed in Nashville after police say he became enraged about the arrest of his friend at 301 Broadway in downtown Nashville. He was advised to leave the premises but continued to yell and scream at officers handing the other arrest and then got “within breathing distance” of Officer Papp while continuing to yell at time. He was placed into custody for disorderly conduct. Before being given pre-trial, his bond was set at $20.

Jordan Jackson charged with destroying TV panel at Nashville Underground during struggle

21-year-old Jordan Jackson was told he had to leave the Nashville Underground early Sunday morning for being aggressive and hostile due to his level of intoxication. Security Supervisor Steven Derner and Officer Charles Powell confronted Jackson when he “shoulder checked” Powell. As he attempted to restrain Jackson a scuffle ensued and Jackson Powell into a large TV panel, destroying it. The damage is estimated to be between $3-5,000.

Woman stands up from toilet, punches husband in face, breaks glasses, per report — Tammy Sullivan

52-year-old Tammy Sullivan is charged with domestic assault after her husband, Kevin Sullivan, says she “stood up from the toilet and punched him in the eye”, breaking his glasses. The couple was reportedly in an argument and Tammy wanted to leave with some friends after she had been drinking and Kevin attempted to take her phone when the assault occurred.