Felony charge dropped after former informant lies to police about man he brought to his room

43-year-old Bryan Fulkerson was charged with false report after calling 911 in regard to an aggressive “stranger” that locked himself inside of his room that was proven to be someone Fulkerson knew and willfully let inside.

Bryan Fulkerson’s Disappearing Act – Bond Forfeited – WANTED.

Where, oh where, is Bryan Fulkerson? He’s the man we saw on video during the Clayton Thomas drama, offering to do drugs with Clayton, and Clayton showing up at his house unexpectedly, and then secretly recording Clayton Thomas when he once visited. Bryan was arrested on 09/19 for an outstanding warrant on a involving a search of a residence. He was released on his own recognizance, with a court date earlier this week on 10/09. In fact the charges were of a nature that they would likely have been dismissed.…