Romell Thomas threatens another Western Express employee during dispute

37-year-old Romell Thomas was charged with assault after threatening an employee at Western Express on Feb 9th. While performing his daily work duties, Dale Holland informed Thomas that he needed to move his vehicle out of a specific location. He told police that Thomas responded with, if someone comes back up to his semi, he would “put something in him.” Holland said this statement put him in fear due to recent shootings around the world. Dominick Bates served as a witness stating he was there for the incident and witnessed the threat from Thomas.

Brandy Hunter too drunk for Dickerson Pike

42-year-old Brandy Hunter was charged with public intoxication Sunday evening after urinating on herself while sitting in a restaurant on Dickerson Pk. Officers asked Hunter if she had consumed any alcohol anything that day, and she stated she had. While officers were speaking to Hunter, she had very slurred speech and did not understand most of the questions being asked. While transporting Hunter in the patrol car she slipped her handcuff and started beating on the partition glass until the officer pulled over and placed her back into handcuffs.

DUI: Jonathan Bos charged after crashing into utility pole

40-year-old Jonathan Bos was charged with DUI Wednesday night after driving off the road and hitting a light pole on Amherst Drive. Nashville Fire arrived on the scene first and told police that Bos was disoriented and smelled like he had been drinking. He was transported to the hospital, where officer grace spoke with him. Bos had slurred speech, was very disoriented, and smelled strongly of alcohol. He showed multiple indicators of impairment. Based on all the evidence, it was explained to Bos that he was under arrest. He consented to blood testing and was transported to booking.

DUI: Stephany Wheeler snorted at “white substance” before driving with two small children

31-year-old Stephany Wheeler was charged with DUI early Tuesday morning after a BOLO was issued for a female erratically driving a green Dodge Journey with two children inside. Officers located the vehicle outside of a gas station. The ages of the children were ten and eight years old. Wheeler said she had one shot earlier, but her pupils were constricted, and she was unsteady on her feet and swayed as she stood. She consented to sobriety tests wish she performed poorly on. After running her information through the computer system, it was discovered her driver’s license had been revoked and she had a prior DUI conviction in 2021. A family member told police that Wheeler was at his house earlier and was acting erratic and abnormal. He could smell alcohol on her breath before getting into her vehicle and driving off. Wheeler admitted to snorting a white powdery substance earlier in the night but stated she didn’t know what the substance was.

Jeremiah Brown brutally assaults girlfriend, who isn’t performing chores to his liking

27-year-old Jeremiah Brown is charged with the brutal assault of his girlfriend, Kierra Jemison, after he felt she was not adequately performing household chores and became “enraged,” according to court documents. He reportedly punched his fist through her bedroom door, and she ordered him to leave. He left but returned a short time later when he punched her several times in the face without warning. She attempted to block his assault but received injuries to her head, neck, hands, and hand to be transported to the hospital by medics for a concussion. Previously, Kierra threw knives at Brown, threatened to have him killed, and attempted to run over him with a car.

Ty Anderson sideswiped a Dodge Charger in his F-150 and fled the scene

Police say 61-year-old Ty Anderson was driving his blue Ford F-150 when he sideswiped a Dodge Charger on Shelby Ave in East Nashville, causing damage to both vehicles. He did not stop and continued on to his home in East Nashville. Officers responded to the scene, and the victim in the Charger provided the license plate of the F-150, which was traced back to Anderson. Officers arrived at Anderson’s home to find his F-150 with damage consistent with sideswiping the Charger. He told officers “something” hit his truck. He was cited for failure to comply and failure to notify of an accident.

Zachary Wilson charged after crash, failing to self-book on citations

19-year-old Zachary Wilson was involved in a traffic crash in November when it was discovered he was driving on a suspended license and without insurance. He was issued citations and never appeared in court, so a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. He was booked on the two outstanding charges this week.

DUI: Molina Wilson charged after near crash with a police patrol car

31-year-old Molina Wilson was jailed for DUI on Sunday morning when he almost hit a police officer while running a red light at the intersection of Nolensville Rd. and Wallace Rd. The officer could smell alcohol while approaching the vehicle. There was a box of Corona beer in the backseat with some containers open. Wilson never admitted to drinking alcohol but agreed to do a sobriety test and performed poorly. When he was asked for his driver’s license, he told police that he didn’t have one.

Mitch Marcello denied boarding at BNA, believes he’s in New Orleans #PublicIntoxication

30-year-old Mitch Marcello was denied boarding Wednesday at the Nashville International Airport due to his state of extreme intoxication. Airport police encountered him near the gate and Marcello had difficulty understanding where he was, believing he was in New Orleans, stating he would just be able to walk home. Unable to care for himself, Marcello was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Savannah Black charged with trespassing inside another woman’s home

29-year-old Savannah Black is charged with criminal trespass after she was found in the home of Tessa Roberton on Mountain Valley Drive without consent. As she entered Roberton’s room, she was immediately told to leave the residence, and she encountered police outside as she exited. She was issued a state citation.