Year-long search comes to close: Man who tried to steal over $5,000 from employer found

47-year-old Darin Humphrey was charged with theft of property when he was entrusted by his employer to pick up and drop off cars with the last run being from Florida to Nashville. He ran off with company cash, tools, and checks instead.

East Nashville Thieves on Video – Stealing from Cars (Lillian St)

May 16th, around 4AM – the following happened on Lillian St. here in East Nashville. At least 4 subjects are observed as involved. Other than the cover of darkness, they are not even attempting to conceal what they are doing. You may want to enlarge the video to see all involved. If you have information on any of those involved, please contact MNPD. This occurred on the 1200 block of Lillian St, however it appears they were scouring the entire neighborhood with the car involved. Video from security footage, via…