Man steals 3 chainsaws from work crew in broad daylight

28-year-old Robert Russel was charged with theft of property after he used his real name and identification to pawn stolen goods.

ARREST: Deondrick Prowell, You Can’t Pawn Stolen Things.

Deondrick Prowell, 24, got his first criminal charge on Wednesday. According to a police report (and his own TN state issued ID he used for the transaction), he pawned a stolen Dell laptop to Cash America Pawn. In November, several items were stolen from a vehicle at Fisk University. Stolen items included a Dell laptop (valued at $1037). During the investigation, it was discovered that Deondrick Prowell had pawned the Dell laptop, using his own state issued TN photo ID to Cash America Pawn for $400. Prowell was arrested on…