‘Honcho Savage’ charged in domestic assault case after refusing to bathe baby

Nashville’s 21-year-old Honcho Savage, better known as Howard Gordon, is charged with domestic assault after his girlfriend says she repeatedly asked him to bathe their baby, and when she did it herself, he allegedly punched a hole through the door, kicked it open, and punched her.

Mom & Auntie charged in assault of 15-year-old: punching in face, dragging by hair, beating with belt

A 15-year-old child says her mother, Shaton Eubanks, and her ‘auntie’, Shawntese Bradford’ punched her in the face, knocking her to the ground. One of the pair is then alleged to have beat her with a belt, and drug her outside by the hair – where the other adult then repeatedly punched her in the face and also assaulted her with a belt. The victim sustained multiple injuries from the attack.

Two Nashville Men Steal Car at Gun Point & Kidnap 3-Month-Old Child, per report

Devanta Nixon, 23, was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated burglary with a weapon along with especially aggravated kidnapping after police say they stole a vehicle with a 3-month-old child in the backseat.

Man tells police his name is ‘Harley Davidson’ after firing shotgun from front porch in Cayce Homes

Metro Police responded to a call of an intoxicated person firing a “big gun” from a porch inside Cayce Homes in East Nashville late Tuesday night. They would arrive to find 29-year-old Terrance Buckley, who told police his name was ‘Harley Davidson’.

Dejuan Bell gunned down Quincy Brown, who was riding on a Bird Scooter with a friend

Quincy Brown & Calais Hill were riding a bird scooter together when Dejuan Bell opened fire on them after an argument in East Nashville. Quincy Brown died from a gunshot wound to his head. Hill escaped without injuries. Dejuan Bell is charged with 1 count homicide, & 1 count attempted homicide.

Cayce Homes: Mother Rips A/C out of Window to Climb In & Fight Daughter’s Girlfriend

The argument moved outside, where the women were jumped by many others. Ms. Wynn & Ms. Lattimre ran back into the apartment, however Margaret Grizzard ripped the air conditioner from the window to come after them.

Man meets Woman on ‘Skout’ App for sex at Cayce Homes; Robbed at Gunpoint

Early Sunday morning, before 4AM, Matthew Mahoney opened the Skout app on his phone, browsed a bit, and eventually agreed to pay 51-year-old Elizabeth Ann Brown $40 for sex with her at her apartment in James Cayce Homes in East Nashville. You may know Brown better by her Instagram name: foxyhotsex. Inside the apartment was Elizabeth Ann Brown, two other adults, and her underage granddaughter, of whom she has custody. When Mahoney arrived, Elizabeth, who was wearing a bright blue tank top and black bottoms, met him outside to lead…

Cayce Homes: Mom Has Daughter Arrested for Shattering Glass Ashtray – Shamario Jones #SmokingIsBad

In this weekend’s James A. Cayce Homes petty drama – a mother has her daughter arrested and charged with vandalism for shattering an ashtray, and with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, because she threw it at her, but by all reports, missed. On Sunday, Shamario Jones was served an outstanding arrest warrant and taken into custody from an incident with her mother on 11/18. The only legal issues that Shamario had previously was 3 driving with no license infractions which were all dismissed. Now she’s facing a felony aggravated assault…