Kevin Gray assaults man in wheelchair with bamboo stick for being “on his corner”

51-year-old Kevin Gray is charged with beating a man in a wheelchair with a stick on Wedgewood Ave on Friday. As police arrived and spoke with Gray, he admitted to hitting the man in the face with a bamboo stick, stating he was upset that the man was “on his corner.” Gray is charged with assault with bodily injury.

Kwaku Owoo goes berserk after wifi isn’t working in his apartment — coffee mug assault

34-year-old Kwaku Akuffo Owoo is charged with assault after he became upset that the wifi at his apartment complex wasn’t working as he expected and confronted the apartment office staff about the issue. He began to yell at Davis Farish before taking the coffee mug from the victim’s hand and hitting him on the head with it. The victim pushed the mug away and it fell to the floor and shattered. Owoo then picked up a piece of the shattered mug and pointed it at the victim’s throat while attempting to tackle him. Police arrived and interviewed Owoo, who stated “You can speak to my lawyer on Monday.”

Man sleeps at wheel, blocks road for over an hour: says he had four Coronas

34-year-old Aaron Domingues was charged with driving under the influence, driving with no license, and implied consent after he passed out behind the wheel and blocked traffic in both directions at Paragon Mills and Tampa Road for over an hour.

Woman accused of shooting, sucker punching and threatening with a brick; charges later dismissed

20-year-old Kevinique Lawrence was charged with domestic assault and assault with a deadly weapon after Laquanashaneacia Leach accused her of punching her nose, shooting at her and her sister twice from a car and threatening her with a brick.