The Dog Spot testifies “never strictly separated large dogs from small dogs in play areas” – Must pay $5,924 in dog’s death lawsuit

The Dog Spot is ordered to pay $5,924.00 in a lawsuit over the death of a dog in it’s care. In testimony, Chad Baker admitted it was never the practice to separate dogs by size in play areas, despite the claim on their website – which he says he copied and pasted from other websites, without reading the details.

Spot’s Pet Supply Deleted Their Bad Reviews. We Saved Them.

Dear Spot’s Pet Supply, we restored all those bad reviews you deleted. You’re welcome.

Dog Dies After Grooming at Spot’s Pet Supply & Dog Wash in Donelson – Owner Andy Baker w/Jules Woodson

According to Alice, her dog suffered a spinal cord injury while under the groomer’s care at Spot’s Pet Supply & Dog Wash. She says that no one from the business called her or sought out veterinary care for the beloved family pet.

The Dog Spot files a NEW $1.2 Million Lawsuit for Defamation – Against Their Competitors.

In the “we’ve been here before” file, The Dog Spot has now filed yet another lawsuit against someone it doesn’t like. Previously it has sued it’s customers for saying bad things in reviews, then Facebook users for saying bad things to each other, and all of those lawsuits went no where, and even the judge didn’t appear pleased with them. Now, they are suing their competitors… for saying bad things about them. In March, a judge just dismissed a $2 million lawsuit, with prejudice, filed by The Dog Spot against…

JUST IN: Judge Dismisses The Dog Spot’s $2,000,000 lawsuit against bad Yelp review

The greedy asshole brothers that run The Dog Spot, Andy & Chad Baker, rightly had their asses handed to them in court this week – TWICE, in two separate cases, the judge dismissing both with prejudice against them. They keep trying to sue their customers that say bad things against them for millions of dollars. Welcome to America, boys, where we can say what we think of you. And we say you’re both dicks. In June of last year, The Dog Spot filed a $2,000,000 lawsuit against a customer that…

The DogSpot East Nashville: Weekend Remodel to Combat Complaints?

Overnight, The Dog Spot (East Nashville) began tearing down inner walls and barriers, in the dog play areas. Using crowbars and hammers, the concrete blocks starting coming down. Today, they’re going back up to create new inner spaces. It appears a huge remodel / new layout is currently underway. No doubt, this is in response to the customer (and city wide) backlash to a dog dying in their care recently, due to it being allowed to play with a much larger dog. Here’s some photos of the work in progress:…