Charles Brooks charged in thefts of liquor from stores he worked at

33-year-old Charles Brooks is accused by his manager of stealing several times from a company owned by Metro Wine and Spirits. On August 18th, police spoke to Brooks’ store manager, who informed them that Charles had been stealing from various liquor stores for several months. On August 1st, he took Hennessy bottles (valued at $107) and a Michelob Ultra (valued at $7), and then placed them into his backpack without paying. Also, on August 11th, Brooks is accused of completing several orders and pocketing the money (valued at $135.92) from Nashville Wine & Spirits. Beer, Cigars & Cigarettes.

The next day, on August 12th, Brooks pocketed cash from transactions while working at the Downtown Nashville Market (valued at $226) owned by TMM Inc. after taking several cash transactions. On August 13th, Charles stole approximately $200 of cash by pocketing it from his transactions, but from SoBro Wine & Spirits. Beer, Cigars, and Cigarettes. He also stole a pint-sized vodka bottle valued at $10 before he left without paying for it. Reportedly, there are several other incidents where he stole money and products where more warrants will be sworn out as the investigation produces more evidence. He was arrested on August 18th on a full extradition warrant from Illinois.

Woman accuses her boyfriend of cheating and stabs him in the shower

feat Crutcher, Tawanta

33-year-old Tawanta Crutcher was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when she accused her boyfriend of cheating and attacked him with a shard of glass and a knife while he was in the shower.