Charlotte Ratliff attempts to run woman off road, threatens her with gun during altercation

61-year-old Charlotte Ratliff had an altercation with Phyllis Anderson at Anderson’s Mountain Springs Road apartment on July 5th. Anderson told responding officers that as she left Larry’s on Murfreesboro Pike, Ratliff attempted to run her off the road several times with her black Jaguar. Then, Anderson explained that Ratliff was waiting for her as she arrived home. Anderson stated that Ratliff exited her vehicle and reached into her window with a gun, telling her she would kill her. Anderson told Ratliff that she has a grandson, to which Ratliff responded by saying “f*ck your grandson.” Then, as Ratliff went back to her car, Anderson took pictures of her plates before she drove off. Anderson stated that Ratliff returned and started banging on her garage door, attempting to enter. Erica Carter, a witness, corroborated Anderson’s statements and noted that she did not observe a firearm in Ratliff’s hand during the interaction. Ratliff was later taken into custody for two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on July 8th.