Musician Zac Young to police: “Sorry guys, I’m really drunk,” after a night to remember (or forget)

34-year-old Nashville Musician and Author Zac Young had a night to remember after he got into an Uber with strangers, invited himself into their home, and reportedly asked them to touch his genitals before destroying a chicken-shaped planter on their porch — while it took police nearly three hours to respond to the disturbance.

Teen gets angry about chicken, yells “I’ve got something for yo b-tch a–” with knife in hand

19-year-old Kelnisha Blaylock was charged with assault with a deadly weapon when she told her 14-year-old sister “I’ve got something for yo bitch ass” before rushing at her with a large kitchen knife. The fight started over chicken.

He threw friend chicken & punches, She threw hot sauce. Lamar Freeman #Arrested

On Tuesday, at around 5:30 PM, Lamar D. Freeman was on 23rd Ave N. when he saw his child’s mother driving toward him. She pulled over to talk to him about getting in contact with their daughter, at which point he began cussing at her and threw fried chicken a her car, according to a police affidavit. The victim then threw a bottle of hot sauce at the Freeman, who then threw the bottle back at her car, breaking the front passenger window and denting the door. The victim states…