Daughter charged with assault of father after not getting enough dinner — Ksenia Paromov

28-year-Ksenia Paromov was booked Tuesday on an outstanding warrant charging her with the assault of her father, Viktor Paromov. Police originally responded to the home in September after her father stated Ksenia was upset she had not been given enough dinner. As the argument escalated, she reportedly struck her father in the back of the head as he walked away, and threw several dishes, breaking them. She was initially taken into custody, but while in the patrol car she stated she needed medical attention, so she was transported to a local hospital and a warrant was signed for her later arrest.

Man charged after slapping co-worker’s buttocks — Eddie Allen #arrested

39-year-old Eddie Allen has been fired from his job and criminally charged with assault after slapping a co-worker on the buttocks, according to a warrant he was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on over the weekend. Allen is free on pre-trial release.

Woman admits to hitting boyfriend in the face

42-year-old Victoria Jones was charged with domestic assault after admitting to hitting her long-term boyfriend in the face.