2nd injury lawsuit claims Nashville Sports Leagues is a drunken mess

A newly filed takes us inside an alcohol-fueled kickball game, organized by Nashville Sports Leagues. Details include an intoxicated underage player, a drunk player falling over on the field, vomiting in the outfield, and shots from a large bottle of Jack Daniels as the reward when you made first base.

Metro Council Candidate Gwendolyn Brown-Felder refused to bring her own property up to codes, so Metro put a Lien on it.

Gwendolyn Brown-Felder¬†is running for the hotly contested District 1 City Council seat in Nashville – an election that happens this Thursday (05/24). On her platform, she pledges to “Improve our district”, and wants to “Improve the inconsistent application of the law (codes)”. We might have some insight on why she has such strong feelings about codes. She was sued by Metro Codes, she lost, and they had to put a lien on her property as she refused to pay the fine and court costs to them. This isn’t some long-standing…