Felon arrested for stolen vehicle and possession of a handgun

35-year-old Rasheed Davis was charged with felon in possession of a handgun, theft of property, and driving without a license after police pulled him over for having a Kentucky plate registered to a Chevy on a stolen Dodge Avenger he was driving.

The 12/21 Z-Mart Murder: Caused by a $1200 Loss in a Game of Chance – Here’s What Happened.

Details have been released on the sequence of events in the murder of Louis Lisi on 12/21 on Clarksville Pike in Nashville. The victim, Louis Lisi, was at the Z-Mart operating a game of chance out of a camper trailer. According to witnesses,¬†Lisi’s game was similar to bingo. Players would earn points based on a series of rolling balls and the points could be exchanged for prizes, including a flat-screen television. The owner of the Z-Mart claims he only believed that Lisi was “selling toys” from the trailer. William Fox…