Infant endangered as man leads police in rainy high-speed chase with child in the back seat

22-year-old Davone Starks was charged with child endangerment and evading arrest after running from the police with a suspected unrestrained infant in the vehicle.

Nashville man assaults ex-girlfriend, vandalizes her car while their child watches

21-year-old Mario Mcadoo was charged with domestic assault and vandalism of his after he was involved in an altercation with his ex-girlfriend where he punched her in the arm three times, told her to pull over so he could “beat her ass”, did damage to her car, then bit her on the hand while their child observed from the backseat.

Felon arrested for stolen vehicle and possession of a handgun

35-year-old Rasheed Davis was charged with felon in possession of a handgun, theft of property, and driving without a license after police pulled him over for having a Kentucky plate registered to a Chevy on a stolen Dodge Avenger he was driving.

The 12/21 Z-Mart Murder: Caused by a $1200 Loss in a Game of Chance – Here’s What Happened.

Details have been released on the sequence of events in the murder of Louis Lisi on 12/21 on Clarksville Pike in Nashville. The victim, Louis Lisi, was at the Z-Mart operating a game of chance out of a camper trailer. According to witnesses, Lisi’s game was similar to bingo. Players would earn points based on a series of rolling balls and the points could be exchanged for prizes, including a flat-screen television. The owner of the Z-Mart claims he only believed that Lisi was “selling toys” from the trailer. William Fox…