DUI: Nicole Noe says she was “traveling, not driving,” so she can’t be charged #Jailed

51-year-old Nicole Noe crashed her Saturn SUV into a utility pole on Charlotte Ave late Sunday night but reassured responding officers that her suspended license wasn’t relevant, as she wasn’t “driving,” she was “traveling.” She repeatedly told officers, “I’m a nurse at Vanderbilt,” as she adamantly refused all medical treatment, stating she would know if she needed medical attention. She admitted to drinking alcohol earlier in the day, and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. She was taken into custody and charged with DUI. Records show that Noe received her CNA license with the state in 2003, which expired in April 2022.

Charles England charged with assault of ‘Nurse’ at Metro General Hospital

Darlene Elizabeth Hopkins told police she had been assaulted by a patient on June 28th. Officers arrived and she explained she explained she was providing care to 29-year-old Charles England at Metro General Hospital when he kept “sliding down the bed to avoid her and slid all the way to the floor.” She says while she was attempting to get him back into the bed he swung his arms wildly and slapped her. She says she was also kicked by England. Though he was charged with “assault on a nurse”, Scoop: Nashville discovered Hopkins was not a nurse, but a CNA, and her license to practice expired in March of 2021 according to the state licensing board.