UNSEALED: Delke’s attorney secretly testified on behalf of D.A. Glenn funk prior to being offered unusual 3-year plea

The world was shocked when MNPD Officer Andrew Delke was suddenly offered a 3-year plea deal for the on-duty murder of Daniel Hambrick. Hambrick’s family wasn’t even consulted on the terms. What wasn’t known at the time was that Delke’s attorney, David Raybin, had testified on behalf of Glenn Funk in his own case previously, keeping him out of some serious ethical trouble – and making this sudden sweetheart deal seem even more unusual. Funk likely assumed no one would find out about the prior beneficial relationship because that case wasn’t available to the public – until now.

DCSO Lieutenant Arrested for Agg Assault w/Handgun: Derrick Gleaves [UPDATED]

Derrick Gleaves, who is a Lieutenant with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department, was arrested Friday night for Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon after brandishing his handgun and threatening to shoot two people he was upset with, according to witness reports. In his full DCSO Uniform, per MNPD affidavit, Gleaves accused a mechanic of “fucking his wife” after blocking him in a parking lot with his vehicle. Gleaves left the scene after one of the victims told him “if you pull a gun you better use it”. Detectives attempted to locate…