18-year-old Dorian Preston jailed after stealing Honda Civic, fleeing police

18-year-old Dorian Preston was taken into custody for theft of property, evading arrest, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and vehicle theft on February 27th. On February 26th, detectives located and followed a stolen, dark-colored Honda Civic behind Green Street, which was a dead end. Then, four young black males dressed in dark clothing exited the Civic and began to flee on foot, disregarding the officers announcing themselves. Preston was seen exiting the driver’s seat, wearing a red hoodie he removed while fleeing. Officers caught him with the help of Metro Aviation and discovered two of the involved individuals were juveniles. Dorian Preston was taken into custody on February 27th for vehicle theft, theft of property, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and evading arrest.

Marvaughn McClerkin crashes into police cars while fleeing in stolen vehicle

24-year-old Marvaughn McClerkin parked a stolen grey Infiniti Q50 at Commerce Union Bank Building late February 20th. NCIC notified detectives that the Q50 was reported stolen by Cody Sumner on October 6th, so they approached the car and attempted to do a tactical vehicle takedown, but McClerkin fled the scene after ramming into the police cars. MNPD aviation followed the Infiniti to the West End and Louise Avenue area, where they saw the driver, McClerkin, and his unidentified passenger flee on foot. McClerkin was arrested around 25th Avenue South and Kensington Place before being placed into custody for two counts of evading arrest, theft of property, driving with a revoked license, and three counts of aggravated assault.

Porsha Leggs found in stolen vehicle with cocaine, chore boy, Oxycodone

32-year-old Porsha Leggs was in a stolen Kia Sorento at the Discount Tobacco Center on Jenkins Street on January 22nd. Officers followed the vehicle to the alley near Rosa L Parks Boulevard and Garfield Street, where they observed Leggs exiting it. They detained her immediately, found that she had no valid driver’s license, and located the keys to the Sorento. A subsequent search led to them discovering two pipes, a chore boy scrubbing pad commonly used in smoking crack cocaine, some cocaine wrapped in paper, and four Oxycodone pills in a paper towel. Leggs was taken into custody for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, two counts of simple possession, theft, and driving without a valid driver’s license.

Clifford Fine puts wife’s license plate on stolen Ford truck

31-year-old Clifford Johnathan Fine was parked at Love’s Truck Stop in a Ford truck with tags registered to a black Nissan on the afternoon of December 18th. Detectives approached the truck and noticed Fine in the driver’s seat. He complied and allowed them to search the truck to see if it was stolen. They ran the VIN found on the paperwork in the glove compartment and found that it was stolen from Newport with the keys in the vehicle. Fine advised them that he did not know it was stolen but admitted to putting his wife’s license plate on the vehicle to go to the gas station. He was taken into custody for theft.

Rajiv Vyas to cops at Broadway Bar: “Arrest me, or I’m going back upstairs!” Here’s your mugshot, come again.

51-year-old Rajiv Vyas of Lebanon, TN, refused to leave a downtown business at 100 Broadway despite multiple demands from both the management and police. He had become disorderly and was disrupting other guests, and by the time police arrived, he was “irate” with security at the location. He eventually looked at the police officers and said, “arrest me, or I’m going back upstairs!” Officers obliged, and he was charged with criminal trespass.

Patrick Ryan hits patrol car window, gives cop an ultimatum, goes to jail

27-year-old Patrick Ryan ran up to a parked Metro Nashville Police cruiser at 4th & Broadway and slammed his hands onto the glass. As Officer David Collins rolled down his window to inquire as to how he could assist the visitor, Ryan stated “find my wife or take me to jail!” As Officer Collins exited the patrol vehicle, Ryan placed his hands behind his back without any further conversation or provocation and continued slurring his words, obviously intoxicated. He continued to have trouble standing and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Grand Jury indicts Sade Harris for more knife & scissor attacks on her lover, Cheyenne Turner

33-year-old Sade Deshay Harris has been indicted by a Davidson County Grand Jury on additional charges related to her continued and repeated assaults on the father of her child, Cheyenne Turner. Last year, a Grand Jury indicted her with aggravated assault and attempted murder after a June 2021incident in which she found him dining with a female at the J. Alexander’s, approached him, asking “so you’re out to eat with a girl?”, before grabbing silverware from a nearby table, chasing him into the parking lot, and stabbing him in the stomach and head with a knife, telling a stranger “I’m finna kill him!”.

The new indictment charges her with 3 new counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon: a November 2020 assault with a knife, a December 2020 assault with a knife, and an April 2021 assault with scissors, all against the same victim, Cheyenne Turner.