Kentucky’s Curtis Bradley charged in aggravated assault of girlfriend while on Nashville trip

53-year-old Curtis Bradley, of Somerset, Kentucky, was jailed this week an on outstanding warrant charging him with the aggravated assault of his girlfriend, Deborah Witte. The couple had been drinking in downtown Nashville and as she returned to their room at the Hilton Garden Inn, she says he was waiting for her and accused her of drinking with other men before returning to the hotel. She says the next thing she knew she was on the ground in the front of the hotel at his hand, and security separated the couple. One back in the room she says he threw a cologne bottle at her and would stand by the door to prevent her from leaving the room. Police initially responded but took no action as the victim would not make a statement at the time. She would eventually seek treatment for her injuries and required surgery for a femoral next fracture. She sought the assistance of domestic violence detectives who signed warrants in March for the arrest of Curtis Bradley.