Dah Gay, Joshua Bautista, & Sa Mo jailed after traffic stop reveals marijuana & handgun

Metro Nashville Police initiated a traffic stop on a white Dodge Charger on Paragon Mills Road on August 4th after it was speeding and ran a stop sith. Officers had also observed the same vehicle recently quickly leaving 95 Wallace Road when police entered the area. Inside that car was 22-year-old Sa Lo Mo was driving the vehicle, which was registered to him. 24-year-old Dah Gay was in the passenger seat, with 23-year-old Joshua Batista in the back. During the traffic stop, officers say they smelled the odor of marijuana, which Sa Mo confirmed was not hemp, and could see “remnants” of marijuana inside the car, along with small plastic baggies. A search of the vehicle revealed a .40 cal bullet wrapped in a plastic bag, a digital scape, a Glock 23 handgun with 10 rounds, and 69 grams of marijuana. Sa Mo had $1,195 in cash that was seized. No one claimed possession of the gun, so all three were charged using constructive possession.