Micah Singley jailed after trying to get into his own vehicle in downtown Nashville

24-year-old Micah Singley was jailed after cussing at security guards when they wouldn’t allow him to enter a vehicle he claimed belonged to him. On Mar 5th, at the Music City Center garage, security stated that Singley tried to get into a car that didn’t belong to him and refused to leave the property. Singley stated that he had enjoyed two beers earlier that evening. Officers observed him sweating heavily, swaying back and forth, unsteady on his feet, and with the smell of alcohol on his breath. Singley pointed towards a Honda Accord, stating that it belonged to him. When officers checked, there was luggage inside with his name tagged on it, but he didn’t have his wallet, keys, or phone on him, and had no way to enter his vehicle. Officers asked Singley if he had a safe place to stay for the night, and he replied that he did not. He appeared to annoy the security guards unreasonably by refusing to leave, raising his voice, clenching his fists, and cursing at them. Officer decided that because Singley didn’t have a safe place to stay and his frustration with security, he posed a threat to himself and others and was taken into custody for public intoxication.