Tourist Todd Martin charged after letting it loose in downtown Nashville

Police say 33-year-old Todd Martin Jr. was urinating on the wall of a business at 2nd & Broadway in the middle of downtown Nashville at 11:30 pm. Friday. He was visibly heavily intoxicated, and officers checked on his welfare. He could not answer any questions clearly, and officers walked him to 1st & Broadway so he could arrange a rideshare home or wait safely for someone to pick him up. He became combative and would not comply with simple instructions, and was unable to contact anyone or tell officers where he was staying. With no other options, Martin was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Kaitlyn Pilgrim found drunk & disorderly in downtown Nashville

21-year-old Kaitlyn Pilgrim took a tumble at 10:30 p.m. Friday near 2nd & Broadway as a result of her extreme level of intoxication. She was reportedly very combative with passersby, and when officers approached her, she cried, screamed, and swatted at them. She would quickly swap from being relaxed to inconsolable. She was belligerent with paramedics who attempted to assist her and aggressively pulled away from them. Due to her inability to care for herself, Pilgrim was taken into custody and transported to booking.