Tristan Becker drunkenly accuses officers of voting for Obama after altercation with driver on Broadway

39-year-old Tristan Becker was seen publicly intoxicated near Friends in Low Places bar and the Police Precinct on Broadway on July 6th. Officers responded to the area of the bar regarding an assault about a vehicle incident that occurred on another part of the Broadway strip. Officers were informed that initially, the incident may have happened near the Friends in Low Places Bar and then the Police Precinct. Officers made contact with Becker in front of the Precinct. Officers then noticed the smell of alcohol coming from his breath as well as his bloodshot, watery eyes, slurred speech, and inability to walk. In addition to this, Becker admitted to officers that he was drunk. While officers attempted to speak with Becker about the incident, he became argumentative. Becker began insulting officers, as well as talking about irrelevant topics, such as accusing officers of voting for Obama, mentioning George Floyd, and speaking about UFC fighters. Becker did not know where the situation occurred and changed the location several times when he tried to provide officers with a statement.

Becker told officers that he was dragged 200 feet by a vehicle on a crowded Broadway Street; however, there were no witnesses to this statement as it was false. Officers then asked Becker if he would like to make a report. Becker began insulting and interrupting officers during the process. Becker then gave his ID to officers to make a report. After this, Becker proceeded to walk away shortly after telling officers he didn’t want his ID back and that he no longer needed police services. Officers attempted to give him his ID back, but he wandered off aimlessly. Officers then determined he was too intoxicated for his own safety, so he was taken into custody for public intoxication. Officers made contact with the other party involved, who told officers that he was driving slowly through traffic on Broadway. The man said he saw Becker crossing the sidewalk, and Becker became angry at him. Proceeding this, Becker walked up to his car, banged on it, approached the driver’s side window, and cursed at him. The driver then claims that Becker then reached into his vehicle and attempted to punch him, causing him to flee the scene to avoid conflict. For these reasons, Becker was then transported and charged with public intoxication

Alabama Tourist Ryan Quinley throws up, passes out in stranger’s truck bed at Honky Tonk Central

21-year-old Alabama tourist Ryan Quinley wandered around the Honky Tonk Central parking lot, pulling on car handles, and threw up behind a truck late July 5th. Officers were informed of this by witnesses and approached the parking lot. Officers then found Quinley asleep in the bed of a pickup truck that was not his. Quinley told officers he was from Alabama and was adamant it was his truck. However, the owner arrived shortly after and confirmed Quinley was not. During their interaction, officers noticed Quinley reeked of alcohol and was visibly intoxicated. Quinley was then deemed a danger to himself and was taken into custody for public intoxication on July 6th.  

Sara Keith assaults police officer during brawl outside of Morgan Wallen’s This Bar

23-year-old Sara Keith was seen pushing her boyfriend, Scott Aaron Satterfield Jr., and assaulting police officers outside of Morgan Wallen’s This bar near Boot Barn on Broadway on June 29th. When officers arrived on the scene, they observed three male individuals about to start fighting. As the officers moved to detain the victim, who was Keith’s boyfriend, Keith approached Officer Ferrari. Keith forcefully pushed the officer in an attempt to intervene and remove him from Satterfield Jr. Ferrari was able to get Keith back; however, she ignored all verbal commands and grabbed Officer Ferrari by his outer vest again to try and stop him from detaining Satterfield Jr. Proceeding this, Keith was detained as she had assaulted an officer. Officers then detained and spoke with two of the males from earlier, who said they were walking past a couple and noticed Satterfield Jr. striking Keith in the face. They immediately attempted to break up the fight, and that is when officers arrived. Officer Ferrari was able to obtain video footage of the incident that showed Keith violently pushing Satterfield Jr. three times before stepping out of camera view. Keith then stated that she and Satterfield Jr. had been together for one year and had no children. Officers then attempted to speak with Satterfield Jr., but he did not want to make a statement about what happened. Based on the footage and statements made, Keith was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody for domestic assault and assault on an officer.

Parker Deaton caught exposing his manhood while urinating in Downtown Nashville Park

22-year-old Parker Andrew Deaton was taken into custody for public indecency and resisting arrest on June 15th. Around 3:04 a.m., patrolling officers noticed Deaton urinating with his genitals fully exposed at a public park near 3rd Avenue South. Officers approached Deaton and told him he could not do that. After Deaton finished urinating, officers told him to “come here” several times. However, Deaton refused and stated he did not have to. Officers then attempted to handcuff him, during which he became resistive, trying to pull away and preventing them from cuffing him. Officers pulled Deaton to the ground, where they had to pry his arms back to arrest him. He was later detained for the occurrence.

Zachery Doyle takes his shirt off & lays on floor after being kicked out of Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk

30-year-old Zachery Doyle caused a disturbance at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk around 11:37 p.m. on May 30th. Security at the establishment flagged officers down, advising them that Doyle had been kicked out of the bar for being disorderly, not wearing a shirt, and engaging in threatening behavior inside the bar. They told officers that Doyle was outside in front of the entrance, lying on the floor, refusing to move, and causing a hazard for patrons entering or exiting the location. When officers arrived, they located him trying to re-enter Kid Rock’s despite security blocking him. Then, Doyle started shouting and putting his hands toward security. Officers approached him and noticed he reeked of alcohol, showing signs of impairment. Officers told Doyle he needed to leave, but he refused and continued being belligerent, so they detained him. Doyle was taken into custody for public intoxication on May 31st.

Victor Hernandez Jr booked after not paying $69 tab at Chief’s on Broadway

42-year-old Victor Hernandez Jr. was caught trying to not pay his tab at the Chief’s on Broadway on May 26th. When officers arrived, they were informed that Hernandez could not pay his tab and was intoxicated. Officers made contact and noticed a strong odor of alcohol as they approached Hernandez. After attempting to get Hernandez to pay the tab, a bartender let officers know he had several opportunities to pay and even tried to get other people to pay for him. Chief’s on Broadway provided law enforcement with Hernandez’s tab showing that he ordered four drinks totaling $69.48. Victor Hernandez Jr. was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication and theft of services.

Tatiana McNeill starts brawl at Whiskey River Saloon, punches security guard for kicking her out

38-year-old Tatiana McNeill was involved in a large fight at Whiskey River Saloon in the early hours of May 26th. When officers arrived, they observed her pushing and shoving a security guard outside of the establishment. Officers were advised that after the scuffle, McNeill was kicked out, and when she was denied access to the bar, she punched a security guard twice. Officers watched footage of the incident that showed her throwing the first punch, sparking the large fight inside. McNeill was deemed a danger to herself and was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Oliver Mcclean caught with cocaine after harassing patrons at Rippy’s Honky Tonk

32-year-old Oliver Edward Mcclean caused a disturbance at Rippy’s Honky Tonk around 8:18 p.m. on May 11th. Upon arrival, several witnesses and security for the establishment told officers that Mcclean was harassing and touching patrons. Security also stated Mcclean was involved in a physical altercation, prompting them to remove him from the bar. The other party involved in the scuffle advised officers that he told Mcclean to stop harassing patrons. Mcclean responded, “What are you going to do about it?” Mcclean then approached him and put his hands around the man’s neck. He said he pushed Mcclean back, prompting security to break up the fight. Then, officers located Mcclean outside of the bar, reeking of alcohol and showing signs of intoxication. Mcclean was seen yelling at security guards, prompting officers to separate him. Mcclean could not call anyone he knew or provide officers with the address to where he was staying, so they deemed him a danger to himself and others. During a subsequent search, officers discovered a baggie containing 1.7 grams of cocaine. Mcclean was taken into custody for simple possession and public intoxication.

Basil Holland jumps through open window to enter Honky Tonk Central, refuses to leave

20-year-old Basil Victor Holland was taken into custody for public intoxication and resisting arrest on May 3rd. Around 11:09 p.m., officers were flagged down by Honky Tonk Central security, who advised them that Holland had been asked not to return to the establishment repeatedly. Holland, however, refused and re-entered the establishment again anyway. Security stated officers had spoken with him earlier that night regarding the same issues. Security explained that Holland had tried jumping through the open windows on the side of the bar, trying to get in after being denied access. Honky Tonk Central staff pointed him out to officers, and they approached him, where they noticed he reeked of alcohol and was swaying back and forth, showing signs of impairment as he struggled to provide his ID. Officers deemed Holland a danger to himself and others and detained him for the incident.

Eric Drees tells police to take him to jail after a scuffle on Broadway

32-year-old Eric Edward Drees had a heated verbal altercation with an unidentified male on the corner of Broadway and Representative John Lewis Way late April 13th. The officers observed the two parties scuffling as they approached and separated them. Then, when officers told them to leave Broadway, get in a taxi, or go to jail, Drees told them to “Do it.” Drees was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct.