Marria Batemon charged in assault of girlfriend, Eja Hollis

21-year-old Marria Batemon is charged with the domestic assault of her ex-girlfriend, Eja Hollis. The two were spending time together and got into a physical altercation twice on November 21st. The victim says she was thrown into a corner and strangled by Batemon. Officers documented injuries and cuts on the victim and transported Batemon to the Metro Nashville Jail.

Teen found passed out on stimulants with pants down at Goodlettsville Motel 6 — Steven Ellis

Goodlettsville Police found 19-year-old Steven Ellis passed out in a vehicle at Motel 6 on Cartwright Street just after 5 a.m. Sunday. Ellis had his feet on the ground, laying face-first into the passenger seat of a vehicle with the door open and his pants below his knees. He was unable to provide a room number, nor any friend’s information, and was unable to care for himself. He admitted to being under the influence of a stimulant. He was booked into jail, charged with public intoxication. Scoop: Wilson covered Ellis in October of 2020 after he fired a gun at a man who spoke to his girlfriend at a convenience store.