Larron Waller slaps phone out of ex-girlfriend’s hands during altercation

30-year-old Larron Waller was caught after being in a domestic altercation with his ex-girlfriend Destiny Cruzado-Acosta at Speedway on Gallatin Pike on July 2nd. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Acosta, who informed them she let Waller drive her vehicle but asked for her keys back. Acosta informed officers that she was in the passenger seat and Waller was driving when she asked for her keys back. Waller then refused to give Acosta her keys back, and in response to this, Acosta began to record him on her cell phone. Officers then viewed a video from earlier that night showing Acosta asking Waller for her keys back multiple times. Waller then told Acosta, “Stop recording me,” and swung his hand at the phone, smacking it out of Acosta’s hand. Acosta informed officers that Waller smacked her hands when he smacked the phone and felt the contact to be excessive and unnecessary. Waller was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault. Waller was also previously arrested in April 2024 for punching a different girlfriend in 2023.

Keonta Howard punches Dad in face multiple times

25-year-old Keonta Howard was involved in a domestic altercation with his father, Torren Howard, at a Berkshire Place apartment near Porter Road on June 11th. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Torren, who stated that he had gotten into an argument with Keonta, his son. Torren told officers that Keonta punched him multiple times in the face. Officers observed the swelling as well as a small cut to his face and a bloody nose. Keonta was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Jonathan Shafer assaults a police officer on Interstate Drive

50-year-old Jonathan Shafer had an altercation with Officer Blaze Williams near Woodland Street and Interstate Drive around 6 p.m. on May 2nd. Williams was directing traffic when he encountered Shafer, who was swearing at him because he guided him the wrong way. Wiliams attempted to de-escalate the situation and told him to have a nice evening, which was when Shafer turned around and threw a lighter at him. Officer Williams said it flew right next to his face, prompting him to follow Shafer, who ran toward 1St Street. Williams requested backup, caught up to Shafer, and said, “Stop! Police,” which Shafer ignored while attempting to juke him, prompting them to perform a “takedown,” where he continued to resist until additional officers arrived to detain him. Shafer was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct, evading arrest, resisting arrest, and assault on an officer.

DUI: Staci Kirpach causes accident in Cook Out drive-thru

40-year-old Staci Kirpach was jailed on December 6th after causing a crash in the drive-thru of Cook Out on Gallatin Pike. Police observed Kirpach in the driver’s seat with bloodshot eyes waiting in the drive-thru. She smelled strongly of alcohol and slurred heavily as she spoke with the officers. After performing poorly on sobriety tests, she was placed into custody and transported to booking.

DUI Crash: Brayden Thrasher “just trying to get home” after night at Play Dance Bar

24-year-old Jeffrey Brayden Thrasher crashed his black Jeep Cherokee into a rock retaining wall on Gallatin Pike just before 5 a.m. Saturday and drove for a short distance before his vehicle became disabled in the roadway. Officers arrived to find damage to the front end of his vehicle, as well as a destroyed front right tire, leaving only the rim. Thrasher stated he had consumed alcohol throughout the night at Play Dance Bar on Church Street in Nashville, and he was “just trying to get home.” A search incident to arrest also revealed a metal flask containing alcohol.

Kaitlyn Bear charged with public intoxication at Noble’s Bar in East Nashville

26-year-old Kaitlyn Bear was found sitting in the parking lot of Noble’s Bar in East Nashville late Monday night as police were dispatched to the location in response to an extremely intoxicated female. She had slurred speech and reeked of alcohol, according to police, and had difficulty standing on her own. Officers attempted to assist her in finding a ride home, but she refused all offers of assistance. She was eventually taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Samuel Phillips arrested after refusing to leave FGL House bar in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say they responded to FGL House Bar in downtown Nashville in response to a disorderly subject call where they located 25-year-old tourist Samuel Phillips who had returned to the location after being kicked out of the bar the night before. The venue wanted to prosecute for criminal trespass and Phillips was taken into custody.

Man bangs on apartment windows to find owner of car illegally parked in bicycle lane at 5 AM — Daniel McClanahan

26-year-old Danny McClanahan encountered a vehicle illegally parked in a permanent and highly visible bicycle lane at 5 AM in East Nashville Sunday morning. He began to bang on the nearby windows to have the person move their illegally parked automobile so it was safe for cyclists to pass. For his trouble, Metro Nashville police determined he was intoxicated and placed him under arrest, for which he resisted. He is free on pre-trial release.

Mother jailed after putting hands on adult daughter’s mouth, grabbing her by hair — Jana White Booker

50-year-old Jana White Booker is charged with the domestic assault of her adult daughter after witnesses say she became agitated, grabbed her by her hair, and began to put her hands on her daughter’s mouth during an argument. She is jailed in lieu of a $1,000 bond.

27-year-old Brittney Black deemed to be “too intoxicated” for 3 Crow Bar in East Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 27-year-old Brittney Black was so intoxicated at the 3 Crow Bar in East Nashville that they received multiple calls about her late Saturday night. When she refused to leave the bar they eventually took her into custody due to her level of intoxication.