Samuel Phillips arrested after refusing to leave FGL House bar in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say they responded to FGL House Bar in downtown Nashville in response to a disorderly subject call where they located 25-year-old tourist Samuel Phillips who had returned to the location after being kicked out of the bar the night before. The venue wanted to prosecute for criminal trespass and Phillips was taken into custody.

Man bangs on apartment windows to find owner of car illegally parked in bicycle lane at 5 AM — Daniel McClanahan

26-year-old Danny McClanahan encountered a vehicle illegally parked in a permanent and highly visible bicycle lane at 5 AM in East Nashville Sunday morning. He began to bang on the nearby windows to have the person move their illegally parked automobile so it was safe for cyclists to pass. For his trouble, Metro Nashville police determined he was intoxicated and placed him under arrest, for which he resisted. He is free on pre-trial release.

Mother jailed after putting hands on adult daughter’s mouth, grabbing her by hair — Jana White Booker

50-year-old Jana White Booker is charged with the domestic assault of her adult daughter after witnesses say she became agitated, grabbed her by her hair, and began to put her hands on her daughter’s mouth during an argument. She is jailed in lieu of a $1,000 bond.

27-year-old Brittney Black deemed to be “too intoxicated” for 3 Crow Bar in East Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 27-year-old Brittney Black was so intoxicated at the 3 Crow Bar in East Nashville that they received multiple calls about her late Saturday night. When she refused to leave the bar they eventually took her into custody due to her level of intoxication.

Man calls cops to come get him after he destroys girlfriend’s home — Andrew Washington arrested

27-year-old Andrew Washington called Metro Nashville police at 3 a.m. Wednesday to tell them he had busted out the windows of his girlfriend’s apartment and destroyed the living room after she left the scene after an argument. Police documented 3 glass exterior windows, a glass top table, and a large flat-screen television, were all “completely destroyed”

DUI 2 for 1: Drunk man crashes into drunk friend who crashed into a ditch, who he was coming to help

Melvil Arnt, 30, and Natasha Nancel, 24, were both charged with DUI overnight when Natasha left the Fox Bar in East Nashville and crashed into a ditch. She called her friend, Melvil, to come to assist, however, he struck her vehicle upon arrival. Both parties blew over double the legal BAC level.

Man slaps wife during argument; charged with domestic assault

36-year-old Loc Vo was charged with domestic assault after he slapped his wife during an argument.