Gabriel Tyson throws large rock through front door of Hart Lane Driver Services Center

22-year-old Gabriel Ryan Tyson threw a large rock through the front door of the Hart Lane Driver Services Center around 12:37 p.m. on June 12th. When officers arrived, Tyson had already left, but bystanders who witnessed the incident pointed out that he had just driven past. Officers located Tyson driving near Tennessee Water and Fire on West Kirkland Avenue, where they conducted a show-up with a Driver Services Center employee, who positively identified Tyson as the person in question. Officers reviewed footage of the incident. Officers were told that Tyson entered the building, was notified that he did not have the proper paperwork, and was explained what he needed to have. After this, Tyson became upset, snatched his papers off the table, and kicked the door open to leave the building. Tyson then returned with a large rock and threw it at the front door, which did not do enough damage, so he threw it again and shattered the front door panel. The repairs were valued at approximately $1,500 to replace. Tyson was then taken into custody for vandalism.

Shakia Davidson jailed after giving false information to the DMV to obtain a driver’s license

Troopers with the Tennessee Highway Patrol were dispatched to the state’s DMV/Driver Services Center downtown on 7th Ave on Wednesday after an alert employee noticed 20-year-old Shakia Davidson was attempting to obtain a duplicate driver’s license using false information & documents. Examiner Selakia Shaw stated that Davidson gave false information to the state center and signed the application stating it was her correct and own information. When the examiner pulled up the photo on file for the information she listed on the application, it was obvious the photo did not match Davidson. Davidson admitted to the crime.